Breville K-Cup Coffee Machine

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Recertified Breville K-Cup Coffee Machine, for $129.99 + $5 shipping
Product: 1x Breville BKC600XL K-Cup Coffee Machine

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1 Breville K-Cup Coffee Machine

$129.99 + $5 shipping

condition: Recertified

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seems awful expensive for one cup of coffee.
anyone know how fast it fills a cup?

Buzzillions has a decent amount of reveiws to review on…

It makes the coffee in a matter of a few seconds as a general rule (unless you are making multiple cups at once) - my wife refers to ours as being like an insta-hot because it keeps some water ready to go at all times. As good as Starbucks? No. But we really like ours and use it when we don’t want to make a full pot. That said, you are using the same K-Cup size for each coffee size - I would imagine a 12 oz. out of a k-cup would be pretty watery.

I work at Bed, Bath and Beyond as a sales associate.

It fills up one cup of coffee in a minute.

Breville makes top-notch products. It comes with a cup to scoop out the grinds for the K-Cup (is included) as well. Outside made entirely of stainless steel. I highly recommended it considering the price our store offers (even with our usual 20% coupons this is still a great offer).

Any additional questions, please PM me.

I would say it is just as good as Starbucks unless you want something with espresso and or milk in it (ie - cappuccino, latte, mocha, etc.). It definitely beats paying $5 a cup and is prepared faster than Starbucks.

The milk you can always add later andget one of these if you are in a hurry.

If you really want your Starbucks, get the beans/grinds and place them in a K-Cup.

And if you are worried about it being “too watery” just put in another pod for another 6-8 ounces if you are that paranoid.

I agree that Breville makes great products, but it doesn’t make this. It’s a shell designed by Breville over Keurig’s B70 model.

A review:

I’ve had the next step down, the Keurig B60, for about a half-year and find it a little noisy but fantastic otherwise; reviews say that the Keurig B70 unit this Breville-branded machine is based on was designed to be quieter.

I use a very select few commercial K-Cups occasionally, but mostly I use the My K-Cup filter with beans freshly roasted by a roaster a few blocks from me. If you like a large cup, choose a roast and blend that support that. Note that you can create very full-bodied cups indeed if you choose a dark roast and a small cup. I can’t imagine worthwhile results by using two pods for a single cup.

Since this is a redo, you don’t get the sampler pack of K-Cups that come with new machines (note that, contradictory to some observations, you also don’t get the scoop or the My K-Cup filter that come with new models), but you can often get them at Target or other suppliers (even Best Buy sells 18-packs of K-Cup coffee) and decide which roasts and blends you prefer. I didn’t find any surprises; certain suppliers I never liked made awful K-Cups (I’m looking at you. G.J.) and suppliers I already enjoyed made K-Cups I liked. The My K-Cup filter that allows you to use your own freshly ground beans is widely available at stores like those for $15, and I recommend it. The filter has markings for single-strength and double-strength coffee (which of course can also involve the amount of water you’re using); the review of the reusable filter is at

(I have no affiliation with that site beyond reading its reviews, which I think too polite but otherwise reliable.)

If I didn’t already have one, I’d be all over this. With a 20% off coupon from a national chain, I paid about this for the machine that’s the next step down, as I say.

Call me crazy, call me a coffee snob, but I don’t get it. Spend lots of money to get a coffee maker to make one cup of coffee out of beans ground who knows when and put into what looks to be a plastic cup (ready to reside in landfills) .
Last I knew coffee logic dictates that beans start loosing their freshness when roasted. Grinding of said beans makes them deteriorate faster. Further reading from a bag of *bucks coffee as well as instructed by the all food knowing Alton Brown you are to use two Tbsp/6oz water. The k-cup looks to be about 2 Tbsp. So to get what I, *bucks and A.B. would consider a decent cup of coffee I would have to run this thing twice?
Yes I realize I can grind my own beans and bother to fill the re-usable cup (sold separately). How does this compare to my $20 Black and Decker that I can brew anywhere from one cup to 3/4 of a pot. Using a filter that costs a penny or less and can be tossed directly onto the compost heap. Does anyone know if the k-cups are made of that compostable plastic?
It looks like each K-cup comes to a little less than fifty cents. I’m gonna hazard a guess and say to make a cup of coffee with a standard maker it would come to less than 35 cents, maybe even sub quarter, a cup even when one makes it A.B. style.

Silly consumers, K-cups are for um, well I guess you.
So go forth and spend more on your single serve lifestyle.
I for one will own my house $135 sooner.

What’s the difference between K-cups and the pods that are used for the Juan Valdez Pod Coffee Maker that woot has sold a few times?

Yes, my library has one of these. If you have it preheated, it can fill up a 16oz. cup in about 45 seconds.

I have a Keurig K-cup machine. To save energy, I have my “Auto-off” setting on, so in the morning I need to wait maybe a minute for the water to heat up. A buddy does not do that, so it is seconds to the first cup of coffee.

As to the quality of coffee - it is OK, but not great. I generally drink Starbucks or Equal Exchange, and those are much better coffees than what is available in the K-cup containers. You can get a contraption where you can use your own coffee, which is better (but not quite “really good” yet).

K-cup cartridges (make one cup) can be bought for $0.50-$1.00 normally. Amazon is currently having a sale on a well-reviewed brand with Obama or McCain boxes for $8 for a 24 K-cup box ($0.33/cup). Buy 4 to get free shipping.

K-cups are available for teas and hot chocolate (pretty good stuff) too.

Overall - it is a really, really neat machine. For convenience it cannot be beat. For quality coffee, it could do better - but then, I am still experimenting with it.

If you’re brewing in under a minute, using some generic beans roasted and ground god-knows-when, and using the same amount for anywhere from 6 to 12 ounces of joe you simply have no idea what a good cup of coffee is anyway.

Seriously people - is your life /that/regimented that you can’t tale 5 minutes for a real pot of coffee? And @ $129 PLUS the what I am sure is outrageous cost of the “K-Kups” I can, in fact, brew an entire pot and only drink one cup and STILL come out ahead.

This thing is 100% “████ factor” - right down to the super-cool blue LEDs

For the same amount you can get this:
and this:
…and REALLY whip out your coffee ████ by telling Chad and Muffy that you roasted your own - and bonus, it will actually taste like something worth drinking.

But then, this is clearly aimed at the crowd that believes the burnt brown swill that StarBLECHs kraps into a cup for $3 is “the real deal”…

I bought my K-Cup machine at BJs - $129 plus it came with 88 K-Cups. They also sell a huge box of 80 K-Cups for about $30.

This price is pretty good but if you are really bargain hunting check out the bigger-box stores or even order direct for Green Mountain coffee.

Great concept for college dorm rooms, but a little pricey. I bought a similar machine for my son and he loves it. Saves him a couple of buck a cup over Starbucks and is fast. If you want the best cup of coffee get a french press and grind your own beans.

For all the downers on a quick “Krap” Coffee, just stick to your special home brew or SBUX. This machine is great for a cup on the go. I have the equivalent K-Brand one in my apartment and i fill a travel mug in the morning for work, and when my girlfriend is up and ready, she can make a cup. we wasted so much coffee before this because we were never going to drink a pot of coffee - and i never liked her flavored Krap. This also gives each person their own taste and variety. The coffee isn’t AS good as what CAN be done…but its good enough for the normal daily cup or two. Plus the hot water feature is great if you want to make your own tea, etc. I have the equivalent K-Brand Machine…but i wish i had this, the stainless probably adds some weight, cutting down the vibration of the K-Brand. Awesome price for a good cup of coffee again and again!

I have a Keurig K Cup machine and love it… We wanted this one, but new, it was still too pricey.

The advantages are simple: you make a cup at a time, when you need it vs. making a pot that sits for an hour or so. You want french vanilla and the wife wants columbianm blend? No problem. I buy my k-cups from my corporate vendor, so a box of 25 is $8.00. It’s a .32 cent cup of coffee… No waste.

I set my machine to auto on so the water is hot when i come downstairs for my first cup of the day, and it’s set to turn off one hour later, so my wife gets a hot cuppa joe too.

Good price for a good machine in my opinion.

Oh, as an added thought… For about $15 you can buy a special filter insert which allows you to use your own coffee grind instead of the retail k-cups… Get it at Linens & Things or Bed Bath & Beyond using their $5.00 off coupon…

these things are great. you can get the refills on amazon