Breville K-Cup Coffee Machine

Disgracefully wasteful!

Coffee companies (and coffee drinkers) who put ground coffee in tiny plastic containers for one-time use obviously don’t care much about how their coffee tastes.

Green Mountain Coffee Roasters should be ashamed.

That is for the new unit. The scoop, reusable k-cup, and water filter does not come with the refurb.

We have the Keurig and love it. I can only drink cold brewed coffee so hubby uses the Keurig. Rather than waste and entire pot of coffee he can have a cup or two a day and it’s always fresh. He’s not a coffee snob but he does like the Kona blend.

If you drink more than a couple of cups of coffee a day this is probably not for you. But if you just want one cup in the morning I think it’s well worth the price mainly because you don’t wind up throwing out a whole pot of brewed coffee because you didn’t drink it all or worse (what we used to do) … brew up a pot, pull the plug then reheat in the micro for the next two days. Now THAT’S icky.

Honestly those of you putting down those of us who own this need to check your attitude at the door. If you don’t want one then DON’T BUY ONE. and if you have never used one then take your “opinion” elsewhere.

I just bought the Keurig at BJ’s for $129. This came with 88 free K-cups and a rebate for 50 more free (rebate only good on purchases through 11/31). Seems like a much better deal than this one. My biggest complaint is that it doesn’t fill a large mug. I have experimented and put the Extra-Bold cups through twice on the small and medium settings. Now I get a full mug and surprisingly the coffee is not watery at all. The convenience factor is great! There is a flavor/brand out there for everyone or make your favourite by using MY K-CUP (about $10.00 at BB & B or L & T with $5.00 coupon)

I can wait for a pot of coffee, but the main reason I like the K-Cups is just for variety. I don’t want 4 or 5 open bags of coffee beans, and it’s also good for company, everyone can choose the flavor of coffee they want to drink. GreenMountainCoffee.Com has boxes of 24 for about $13.00, with free shipping if you buy four boxes. Comes out to about $0.54 a cup.

As far as the landfills, I’m not buying a large DD or $tarbuck$ cup every day, so I’m thinking I’m saving the landfills just a little bit because the K-Cups are that much smaller, a little larger than a single serve coffee creamer at a restaurant.

I got the K-Cup maker as a housewarming gift, and would never spend the money on it myself because it was never something I thought I needed. Now that I have one, I use it every day - still a little expensive for a coffee maker, good for a gift I guess.

If this doesn’t have the water filter built in, it’s not worth it IMO.

I bought this exact machine NEW at Williams Sonoma for my wife last Christmas. It cost a whopping $300, but also comes with the W-S lifetime exchange warranty. If you’re looking for value, as others have noted, buy a Keurig at BJs or Costco. The coffee will be essentially the same from any Keurig model, although the more expensive models allow for scheduling turning the machine on, larger tanks, filters, wider variety of cup size support, etc.

The main reason to get the Breville over the other models is pure aesthetics - our kitchen is all stainless appliances, and this goes much better.

As far as cost goes - between my wife and I we were spending an obscene amount of money at Starbucks (I worked the numbers but am too embarrassed to say).

Now that we have the Breville we go to Starbucks maybe once a week. Even with the high upfront cost we’ve easily saved money overall in the 11 months we’ve had this. Granted the less expensive Keurig models (which cost about the same as this respiffed edition) would pay back faster.

If you’re happy with McDonald’s coffee this is not for you. If you like flavored coffee and only make a cup or two at a time - or you like decaf and your wife likes flavored coffees - this will save time/travel to Starbucks/Dunkin as well as save lots of $ over time.

The best place we’ve found for getting K-Cups is Kenoza Coffee:
They offer Gloria Jeans, Green Mountain, teas, supplies, etc etc. all at good prices. They also offer “build a box” which allows you to sample a wide varies of K-Cups at a low cost.

As for filters - this model has an (optional) built in filter. This is basically required if you use tap water. We buy gallons of spring water at the local grocery store (about $0.30 per bottle - super cheap store brand) so don’t use the filter.

Let’s push back on the coffee snob perspective leaking through some of these posts. If you live your life around ensuring that every cup is exquisite, perhaps priorities are worth examining and, ideally, readjusting. If you want a good cup of coffee once or twice a day, this machine and some freshly roasted beans (as I say, I live near a roaster ranked as one of America’s best) will make you happy; this machine and commercial K-Cups that you choose based on your own taste after trying some will make you satisfied.

To those of you justifiably concerned with this machine being earth friendly:

I recently implemented an eco-campaign in my office to cut down on waste, resuse the resources that we can, and recycle the rest, and we use K-Cups… With 200+ employees, you can imagine the bulk of spent cups. I inquired with the folks at Tully’s as well as Gloria Jeans, and they both stated that while the k-cups are not bio-degradable, they ARE recyclable. As such, the K-Cups go in our recycling bin with cans, glass and plastic bottles…

We are doing this at the office as well as with my machine at home.

i think this is a great looking machine.

but one cup at a time from a pre-measured pod thingy is just not my thing.

some times i like a stronger cup, other times not so strong. i like having my coffee pot where i can determine how much coffee per cup of water is used.

now, if i could find a machine that looks this good and works like my normal coffee pot, i might be interested… if the price was right.

This has 4 cup sizes, so you can take your dark roast with 4 ounces of water… Breville has a toll free number so they can dispatch someone to peel you off the walls…

FWIW, Dark Roast != more caffeine

The process of roasting breaks down the caffeine in coffee. So although it may taste stronger, you’re getting less of the drug you seek.

Just ask anyone who roasts their own what it’s like to have coffee from an underroasted batch. :smiley:

would that perchance be: “Maxwell House?”

Read the story, the scooper, holder and water filter are missing… Maybe the BBB one is worth the extra money? The Crusinart got at Costco for $55 is great! 12 cuos (room for 14). Push the 2-4 cup button and coffee still comes out great!! just dont forget to push it or you get less coffee…

It’s not very often I feel this way about a Woot that doesn’t involve the Master Chef knife set, but: I’d rather have chlamydia.

Does anyone else get a strange feeling when looking up product reviews for this product? I’m not usually the first one to cry wolf, but if you look at the following two product review sites, I think you’ll find there is not a single typo.

Oh, I was wrong. There is one non-perfect review:


I am a person that dont like coffe singles from those coffe supliers dont taste strong enough I like a good cup of coffe in the morning but with this machine only in the small setting I get a ok coffe cup of coffe not enough for me.well another machine that is a waste of money I have 6 coffe maker in my basement this one will last only couple of weeks until I get tired of it.

I make spelling errors occasionally, but spelling “coffee” incorrectly fives times in a row for a product that has coffee in the title?

Would like to be in for one… but feeling kind of shady.

No, I tend toward 8 o’clock. Value and good taste. Wish I had a close by roaster so I could take the final step in coffee snobbery, to see if that has a good dollar to taste ratio, before jumping in and getting the roaster someone else posted about earlier.

But, just to prove a point from the bag of Dunkin’ Coffee I almost bought today on sale has a full price of 7.99 and says it makes 60 6oz cups. A cup for me is a standard mug in my above example so lets make 12 oz cups, or 30 per bag.
so: 7.99/30=0.263333 plus one cent for the filter and the round up comes to 28 cents per cup. Not to mention I get free addition of nutrients to my local plants. My filters with grounds, as I said previously, get tossed on to the compost heap to help make yummy soil.

Now, that said, I get it. Its convenient. It allows a variety of choice. Actually it would probably be just the thing for where I work. Where the customers get instant and the two other “serious” coffee drinkers have a tendency to never clean the communal coffee maker after using it. I have seen mold in the full basket and carafe.

My answer was a mug and a basket that fits perfectly atop the mug, that I ripped out of some ole 4 cup maker and hot water available from the instant machine. Virtually the same effect as this machine only a lot cheaper. Now, how to get past the multiple open bag thing for variety. I guess I do have a foodsaver vacuum packaging deal, if I really wanted to go to that trouble.

Got it today… Love it!

Paul Katzeff of Thanksgiving Coffee replies:
You should get 40 cups to the pound making a $10.00 pound of coffee cost you 25 cents a cup.

Weak that you were put on probation for this. Wusses.

He gets probation for something as simple as this?
Wow, the thought police has really extended their reach. I never thought that Woot would fall into the stepford mentality, but it seems that its time to go shopping elsewhere.