Breville Kitchen Appliances

110V only?

When I saw “Breville,” I was hoping to see a masticating juicer. I’m in the market for one and was looking at a couple different Brevilles.

If I was looking for a centrifugal juicer, I would be all over this one, like flies on crap.

Tempted…Hate that you can’t really return stuff to Woot though…

You can return stuff to Woot within 21 days, however, there is a 15% restocking fee. The detailed information can be found here:

Credit to ThunderThighs for teaching me this recently.

Just today I returned my juicer that I picked up in Feb, the last time these were offered. Breville has a 6 month warranty on refurbs. the juicer would over heat and shut itself off after 8 seconds of juicing. The people at Beville accepted my return, no questions asked. Can’t wait for my replacement. I was able to make juice a couple of times, and it was so good.

Breville has wonderful customer service, even on the refurbs. I bought a bread machine (refurb) on Woot a while ago, and it had an electrical fault. Breville replaced it with a new one with a minimum of fuss, and no cost. I also own the following Breville appliances: juicer, frother, tea kettle, toaster oven, coffee grinder and dual boiler espresso machine. Oh yeah, and the tea maker. Am happy with them all.

Yeah, ThunderThighs is awesome!

I bought one the last time Woot offered it. It’s the best coffee maker I’ve ever owned. I love the single cup features on it too. They put a lot of engineering into this machine. A few flaws. I think it grinds way too much coffee - even according to their manual, so I don’t fill the hopper with beans. I only put in a measured amount. Even on the lowest setting, the grinder runs for quite some time after the beans are ground.
Also mine doesn’t go to AM until 1:00, not midnight. Tech support suggested that I clear the machine - I did, several times, and it still does it. It’s really an inconsequential flaw. I ran into the problem because I was setting the clock between midnight and 1AM one night and I swore up and down that I entered AM, so why wasn’t the coffee brewing at 5:30AM??? Because the clock said 5:30PM - it went from AM to PM at 1:00. So, just don’t set the clock between noon and 1PM or midnight and 1AM unless you remember to reverse AM/PM and you’re all set.

The coffee brews hot, lots of flavor - it really brings out the flavor when brewing the fresh roasted coffee I can get the next town over. Plug:
The carafe keeps the coffee hot for hours.
Yes, the grinder is loud, so what? It’s time to wake up.

Is this above review on the 600XL machine? I was really looking forward to ordering it and just jumped on this. Hopefully it’s a good buy.

God, I love my Breville electric kettle. Use it every day. At $80, this is a deal.

The Espresso machine is very good. I have a similar model BES820XL on sale on eBay now for starting bid of 150 if anyone is interested.


Does anyone know if this refurb of the BDC600XL comes with the improved grinder? Or does it have the first gen ones from 2011?

I hear Breville improved the grinder on the glass version but not sure about this thermal refurb one on Woot.

arrrrgggg… I waited too long and now it’s sold out. :frowning:

I’ve not seen too many home appliances in 220.

I sincerely doubt they’ll be selling the 3 year old model still.

I have had the Mini Smart oven for about a year now and use it about 4 times a week for various things. You can’t beat it for the price here. I needed a smaller toaster oven to fit an odd cubby size in my kitchen.
It cooks consistently and cooks well. I do muffins, toast, small pizzas and many things. It’s nice not to heat up the kitchen for two potatoes, for instance.

Ok, just saying, if anyone has never had an espresso machine before there are a few things you need to get. Your own grinder and a pitcher from Britta or Pur. The filter pitcher allows you to use the machine longer without having to clean it every month. Also, make sure you clean the steamer too(every time it is used). I know this is obvious for a lot of you. Just needs to be said.

Sounds like you and I are neighbors.

I’ve had my YouBrew for a few years now and it’s a great machine. I have a Rocket Celinni that my wife won’t run, so this machine is for her when I’m not home. It’s been great and she loves the single cup feature.
I agree that it’s a little tough finding the perfect settings but once you do, it consistently makes a great cup of coffee.
I’ve recommended the machine to several friends and they’re all happy as well.

No problems with my clock (am vs pm).