Breville Kitchen Appliances

Tons of great reviews on 1-touch tea maker (plus a solid 4.6 star rating) over at Amazon

Been wanting one of these for a while…

What? No toaster oven?

How well does it juice?

I was thinking the same thing. On the fence…

The Juice Fountain Elite is awesome - we use ours daily. Not the greatest at juicing leafy greens, but it can be done, and cleanup is pretty easy.

Breville makes incredible appliances that work flawlessly for years. Love my Juice Fountain Plus. Just pulled the trigger on the One Touch Tea Maker and am so excited to recieve it. Don’t hesitate! I was about to spend $80 on a french press of the same capacity… what an upgrade this will be!

Meant to ask is the Tea Maker BPA free.

The kettle is glass. BPA applies to plastic.

That tea maker seems so totally unnecessary and ridiculously awesome.

Thanks for your reply however if you look at the pictures…there is most definitely what appears to be plastic parts on the basket which contains the tea. Also it appears that there are plastic parts connecting the handle to the glass container and plastic parts on the drop rod. I have several Breville appliances and love them but when a company uses plastic, particularly those exposed to boiling water which is then consumed, I have a concern. Since Breville does not seem to mention anywhere in their advertising literature that this appliance is BPA free I will just take a pass on this particular one from Breville. Thanks for your comments though.

Their juicers are great and pretty easy to clean up. I own two and always go with the Breville over my other one that cost 2x as much.

I just ordered the tea kettle and I’m very excited!

I’ve been tempted to get a juicer - and the prices are good. I am just worried about “reconditioned” - obviously something was wrong with it at some point - so it could be a lemon. I feel like there’s very little recourse for return with Woot if there’s a product that doesn’t work well? Asks the woman who bought a Neato robotic vacuum cleaner from Woot that only worked for a few months…

I have the less expensive juicer of the two and it works great. Some food experts may say it doesn’t have the nutritional value superior to other juicers but if you’re not too concerned about the “best of the best” nutritional value, it’s a good purchase

I got a brand new one for last Christmas and it works just fine. Cleaning is pretty simple and quick. I think it’s a good juicer.

When I shop, I sometimes tend to look for the ‘reconditioned’ items. Usually have a very high discount. Yes, something probably went wrong, and it was fixed…so the techs had a second look at it. My experience with reconditioned/refurbished products has been stellar…it pretty well eliminates the ‘infant mortality’ failure rate inherent in any run of products. Yep, it broke - but it got fixed and looked at again, so it’ll probably be OK. Once in a while, it is true, there is a ‘lemon’ item, but if that fails it is usually within the (very much shortened) warranty period.

I realize that a fe people have had bad experiences with buying reconditioned/refurbished products, but my own experience through the years has been very positive.

Having said that, I just ordered the 'Elite" juicer, after much wandering through YouTube videos and discussion with my spousal unit.

Well, I was ready to give it a try, but now they’re all sold out. Guess it’s back to Craigslist! Seems like the kind of item someone would use for a little while and then forget. Or get as a gift…

Thanks for your response. It’s too late for me now to order this time around, but I will keep checking. -A