Breville Milk Café Frother

I’m not usually one for buying refurbished items due to the shorter warranty, but for the price, I had to snag one. I have become a big fan of Breville. It started with a simple electric tea kettle, then I got their xl toaster oven (which is like a miniature real oven), their immersion blender and juicer. They all perform great and I haven’t had any issues. I actually got the toaster oven because I was living in an apartment and couldn’t really broil anything with the oven that was there, so I used the Breville to broil stuff.

I have had one these for about two years and love it. Use it almost everyday. It is hands free unlike a steamer. I pour the milk in, press the button, start my espresso pod and go feed the dogs. When I come back, pour both in a cup, and enjoy my latte.
Yes, you could use it for an instant coffee drink if you like that stuff. I use mine in a similar fashion to make hot chocolate. Just add the milk and the powder or syrup, press the button and voila - way better than microwaving it.

Nobody has mentioned how it does with half and half. Any experience with it, or thoughts?

Just purchased it and looking forward to trying it out!

My wife bought one of these from William Sonoma.

As alot of reviews there have stated, this thing doesn’t froth milk well or heat the milk hot enough for beverages. It is powered by some electro magnetic motor that also doesn’t work well unless the pitcher is fully seated.

This thing froths soy milk better than real milk but that even isn’t great. Reviewers have also stated that it work’s better with fresher milk from Stores like trader joes. This didn’t seem to make A difference for us either. We returned ours after about a month of failed experimentations. The idea is great we just couldn’t get consistent results. We are still on the hunt for a frothing pitcher that works.

Has anyone purchase a Square Trade warranty for a woot purchases? Why or why not?

I was able to get a 2 year ST warranty for $11.54 using a 30% off coupon code but I wanted to see if anyone else had experience with Square Trade warranties.

Yes, count me intimidated. Also, I want a device I can use at work (small footprint + electric). If you know of an electric powered steaming vessel that doesn’t come with a coffee machine attached, I’d genuinely be happy to consider it.

I’m not so bothered by the unitasker aspect. It can also easily whip up hot chocolate or any other sort of mix-in powder or syrup. $130 was definitely in the luxury category, $60 is in the expensive toy range, and I can justify it because my birthday is coming up. :smiley:

bought one for my in-laws last year. Tried it out before shipping to them over seas. this one is great because it actually heats the milk adequately, most other ones out there don’t. kind of expensive for me so I used the aroma frother which works great;best bang for the buck, but does not heat as well. at this price i snagged one.

I have a few ST warranties from Woot purchases and other site purchases.

Not sure if the Dyson refurb was the first ST but it was the most logical… it only came with a 6 month and ST gave me another 2 years. I recently bought a new washer and wanted to get a 4 year warranty… Home Depot had an OK price but ST only had 2 years so I had to go with HD.

The best story with ST is the portable external harddrive I bought from Apple during last Black Friday… I think it was a WD drive and had a bunch of crap on it - it was constantly freezing due to the crapware! There were a ton of complaint on the WD site and the engineers didnt know how to remove their own crapware to end the freezing. I had put Square Trade with a 30% coupon discount on the HD… after about 3 months of frustration with the disk I called Apple and they sent a label for a 100% refund… called ST and explained the situation and even after three months they gave me a full refund also.

I was happily surprised with both of these excellent companies and will continue to stick with Apple and Square Trade!

Anyone know if it’s dishwasher friendly? I hate to hand wash anything!

I like the idea of effortless (set and forget) frothing, but the price makes this a no-go for me.

That being said, I see some people here are more interested in the frother without having to get a whole espresso machine.

Just wanted to say, there is such a thing as a stovetop steamer. I do not know how much they are since the only reason I know they exist is my dad used to use one all the time. But since they aren’t an electric gadget and just a piece of stovetop hardware, I have to assume it would be a cheaper alternative for those just looking for some frothy goodness.

But again, does not have the added convenience of being able to “set and forget”.

The breville site has a video about the machine that says the parts are dishwasher safe. It also says in the woot product description that the milk jug is dishwasher safe.

Thanks for the feedback. I have seen both positive and negative feedback for ST however I think it has more to do with people not understanding the terms of a warranty. For <$12, I can’t go wrong.

I really want this, but is it a refurb of the machines that would beep three times and do nothing else? It is the same model . . .

I suppose the 90 day warranty is more than enough time to see. But 60 bucks . . .

Well the other alternative would be to pay about $90 more than this and get one brand new.

Yup, did it. Even the people who were frutrated with their machine that worked sporatically, still loved it when it did work. Mine will work well the first time and every time.

Getting excited! Especially for when we move to Montana and I won’t have a good coffee shop within miles and miles. Of course I’ll be able to drive fast when I do need to go somewhere. heehee Especially cranked on my own lattes, made using my Breville Milk Cafe, that works.

Or not get one at all, which clearly i did not choose, as I got one.

I’m still thinking about it. Mostly have not done it because I am not sure I would use it all that much. However, I would pick this rerfurb at this price too. I hope you get years of use out of it. :slight_smile:

Looks cool, but I might try this one instead. They sell it at Costco so it can be easily returned. Also the Amazon reviews are better and I’ve had nothing but luck with Capresso so far:

Milk, instant coffee and sugar is as far from espresso as chicken soup is from gelatto.
Whatever that unholy drink of yours is called, I guess it could be prepared with this machine.
But then, who may want to drink that abomination?

Thank you, thank you. Me too. I am curious, did you take the plunge? I’m wondering if it would work for hot toddy type drinks, lol. Could be fun experimenting. Hopefully not too many mistakes one would have to drink before moving on to the next concoction.

Once in awhile I do like a little rum in my hot chocolate, and a lot of times whiskey or Irish Cream in my coffee. Only at night, of course . . . unless I’m at the Celtic Festival where if you have any Scot, Irish or Welsh in you at all, it is acceptable, nay expected, to start with the first cup. I have lots of all 3 in me. So much fun to be had, while watching large men in kilts throwing things. . . sigh , tis but once a year.