Breville One-Touch Tea Maker

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Breville One-Touch Tea Maker
Price: $149.99
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Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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So far loving this! It looks awesome too. Very fine tea will go through the filter, I just throw that in a bag first and add an extra minute for more steeping time. Good temperature range and features.

I actually got a one the last time it was on woot. I use it every so often to brew some chrysanthemum loose tea (flowers and petals).

However, my only complaint is that it doesn’t get quite as strong as I would like it to get. Even with a 10 minute brew and the basket going up and down like mad, I guess I wish it would brew it stronger.

If you want to just set it and forget it for a while, it will brew nicely.

I also bought earlier WOOT
In for two more. I have it at my office and need it at home and at the lake
If you are a tea drinker, you will love it
I would always start my tea and forget to stop the steep, result was akin to battery acid
This one is “tea making for idiots”
Cleaning is easy, internet bulk tea is great
For stronger i just use more tea

Over priced, unusable for tea with milk. It’s market is for MILD fancy, tea drinkers.

As mentioned in the video, there is an art to making great tea. And it doesn’t involve and over engineered product IMHO.

Breville Product Home with 5 Star Reviews

The only art in making tea is deciding whether to use one spoon or spoons full of Nestea instant tea. Cause lets be honest tea tastes like crap no matter how its brewed and you only drink it to stay awake during exam week.

Then you have never had the right tea.

Tea is something thats very much based on the drinkers preferences. I love very strong Jasmine Pearl teas, but they tend to be very expensive. Chais can be great too when made correctly.

Based on how you wrote that, im thinking your only experience with tea is probably bags of Lipton Tea fannins which tend to not be very good.

Also, ive had my One Touch tea maker for almost 2 years now. I consider it a very worth-while purchase.

$155 machine to make a ten cent cup of tea. KISS

OK, but how many of us could afford to hire her to fly over from Tokyo to make us a cup of tea?