Breville Oracle Espresso Machine

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Breville Oracle Espresso Machine
Price: $1299.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard OR $10 Two-Day OR $20 One-Day
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Thursday, Jun 15 to Friday, Jun 16) + transit
Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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I cannot say enough positive about the Oracle. I bought mine for $2000.00 when they first came out around 3 years ago. It is an amazing machine. Excellent service from Breville. My friends tell me my lattes are better than Starbucks.

For that much they better be!

House much maintanence do these require, and how often? What is the availabilty of spare parts? If, for example, you drop the portafilter and dent it, how easy is it to get a replacement?

[I’m getting paranoid in my old age, as I see too many importers with no real product knowledge and no service department with parts.]

It would take a deliberate effort on your part and help from a metal press for you to damage the portafilter. If anything, your biggest worry should be the damage to your floor, it’s that sturdy.

I’m still rocking a dual boiler BES900XL from 2012, only one issue after initially getting it and Breville support was excellent at walking me through taking the lid off and adjusting the OPV. The pressure was set too low at factory and it couldn’t extract properly with a single wall basket and fine grounds.

I’ve done little maintenance other than cleaning it with the tablets every month or so with the cleaning cycle.

Newer models like the BES920XL and Oracle has a backflush cleaning cycle where you can turn these little bypass valves to lock out each boiler and internally decalcify them. Since I can’t do this, and it was common concern we couldn’t do this with my machine, most people on the forums use distilled water since the boilers aren’t serviceable.

But using distilled water has its drawbacks. The PID sensors need some electrolytes in the water to function properly, so occasionally I need to splash in some tap water to add a few PPM to the water makeup. No big deal.

The other thing I do that seems to have paid off is I empty the boilers after each use by releasing the steam instead of letting the pressure relief valve slowly do it into the dump tray. This keeps my tray clean and prevents prolonged boiler fatigue with trapped pressure every time I’m done using it.

That’s about it.

And I second that, everyone thinks my espresso is better than the Bucks’

I’ll assume that this model isn’t terribly different from the Barista Express that I own, at least insofar as the mechanical bits go. If that’s the case, routine maintenance consists of running the cleaning cycle when prompted and descaling when needed. The three-way solenoid is a weak point, but if you do a 2-shot pour with no coffee in the portafilter from time to time, this helps keep it free from debris. (Bits of coffee get stuck in the solenoid and keep it from fully closing, resulting in a buzzing sound and a weak pour.) Also: You might want to check to see where the nearest Breville certified service center is, in case you ever need to take it in. BTW: Their warranty service is pretty good. I had my refurb replaced just at the end of the warranty period. They shipped the replacement, and I used that box to ship the defective unit back.

$1,295 for a refurbished item and the gall to ask for $5.00 shipping. Unbelievable!

lol Welcome to Wootazon. But, if you’re going $1300.00 deep, what’s 5 bucks more? :shrug:

Personally for that price i’d rather pay a little bit more and get a full superautomatic, much simpler.

have had one of these for 2 years, very easy to use and great quality. If you are on the fence , i say do it

Please answer my question about parts availabilty.

For that price this thing should be also supplying oral sex when it’s brewing your Espresso. I have two espresso machines that are 1/10th of the price of this that brew fabulous espresso drinks. :slight_smile: