Breville Smart Ovens - Your Choice

I have the smart oven pro, using it for 1-2 weeks now, got it new at W&S on a Black Friday sale for not too much more than this. I really like it. I can’t say I’ve tried toast, but we’ve done quite a few frozen pizzas/garlic bread and it’s great to not have to heat up the big oven. It really can fit a 13" pizza pan. The only accessory I would reccommend you buy that is specifically made by breville is the cutting board to put on top. The top of these things understandably get very hot, and the cutting board is really more of a heat shield/trivet to set hot dishes on. All other cook ware can be had much cheaper. A quarter sheet cake/cookie pan/silpat (13"x9") works great, and there are pizza pans with holes in the bottom that give you a great crispy crust. It doesn’t preheat as fast as I had hoped when using convection, so don’t plan on this being a huge time saver, but is is a bit quicker. Also watch what you have this plugged in with. You dont want to blow a fuse.

The phone number listed in the manual for this refurbished product, 1-855-273-8456, is not working. That does not inspire confidence. Since this is the phone number listed to contact for the 6 month Breville refurb warranty, and since the number is not working, what happens if you need to use the 6 month warranty?

I answered my own question. The phone number now begins with 866 instead of 855.

Exactly what is W&S? That’s a pretty obtuse reference.

My money’s on Williams and Sonoma, if it’s used in the kitchen they sell it.

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Sorry, meant to reply to rexmaximvs.

Correct, wasn’t meant to be obtuse. Just didn’t have a lot of time.

I got the mini smart oven off woot a number of years ago. It has become our go to kitchen appliance. It seems to be larger than it looks and does a great job with frozen pizzas etc and side dishes. Love this little powerhouse.

I wish they would make it just a tad bit wider. The pans that I use in my cheap-o $80 Black & Decker toaster oven are just a bit too wide for this one. Seriously, they only have to add another inch or slightly less than. I really wanted this and was prepared to buy it earlier this year when the B&D finally died after 8 years. I first ended up getting a KitchenAid, but when I got it home and found the oven wasn’t wide enough, I took it right back and found that the Breville was the same or slightly smaller dimensions, so I just went and bought another of the same B&D. Toaster Oven are awesome. I bake in them, make my daughter’s baked cheese crackers, roast vegetables for sauces (salsa, marinara, indian food base sauce) toast, broil (for reheating stuff like ribs, where I want them to be all sizzling and caramelized, baking glaze onto slices of Christmas ham to make ham candy. I use it for pretty much everything that can be made to fit in there.