Breville Smart Ovens

It’s apparently the best selling convection oven on Amazon. Four and a half stars with 2000+ reviews. I gotta see if the wife wants one.

I have wanted one of the smart ovens (the $139) for a LONG time but they always sell out almost immediately. Unfortunately I actually took measurements and it will not conveniently fit in either of the spots we have for it. I may have to consider one of the smaller ones, but I’m not ready to pull the trigger today. But, I would HIGHLY recommend getting one, the wife will love it. I used my Mom’s smart oven this morning to make my bagel and later to bake some cookies. Works wonderfully.

After quite a bit of research, I paid nearly fully price for the full sized model several years ago (3-5?). I could not find any competitor at the time that came close in terms of features and quality. I still use it today. The only time we use our oven is when making something that won’t fit - which isn’t very often when cooking for 2 people. Since getting it, I’ve stopped using microwaves altogether. It takes longer, but it tastes better.

In addition to cooking things very evenly, one of my favorite features is that it turns itself off when the timer expires. It also waits to start counting down until after preheating when in certain modes.

I also really like how all of the modes have pre-set recommended settings, but it allows you to make adjustments. It also remembers all of the adjustments you’ve made after switching to other modes.

One complaint I have about it is that the housing on ours has come out of square. So the seams don’t line up and one of the hinges scrapes the frame sometimes when opening. Thankfully the hinges are at the bottom, so this isn’t much of an issue. Also, when using the convection, the fan has become somewhat loud. It may be related to the first issue or it might be separate.

Either way, at full price I am more than happy with my purchase. If I had some extra money, I’d get one of the refurbs as a stand-by. As it is, I might try to talk one of my siblings into splitting the cost to buy one for my mom.

Yay! Been looking for a well-priced, quality Toaster Oven for a couple of years now. I’m in for one of the 800XLs.

If only the Cutting Board designed to fit on top weren’t $40 by itself.

Yeah, I have the BOV800XL, got it as a refurb on Amazon and LOVE IT. Highly recommended. BUT it draws a ton of power so make sure that you have enough amps to run it, preferably on a separate line from other power hogging equipment. Definitely keep it separate from your lighting system.

On that note, the smaller ones are not in the same league and are not worth it IMHO.

The 800 is a wonderful oven. Its the one appliance in the kitchen that I love and cannot do without. That said it draws a fair amount of power and can make you change a fuse once in a while if you don’t have 20 amp fuses for your kitchen. I can’t run my coffee maker and this oven at the same time.

edit: looks like Alex and I are on the same page. trust us we know what we are talking about.

Really hate to get refurbs for wedding gifts. Hope it’s not that glaring with the labels or scratches and dents. Got three.

I got the Mini about a year ago off of Woot. It has since become an irreplaceable staple in our kitchen. It toasts perfectly, cooks evenly and is a great alternative to the oven when it comes to frozen snacks and light cooking/baking. LOVE IT!!!

You’ll be good – I have/have seen SEVERAL Breville refurbs and all have looked flawless. Besides an inconspicuous refurb sticker, your recipients will think you bought new.

Well, when did the 800XL sell out.


about 7am EST…

I bought the Breville compact on the last sale and I love it! I could not resist buying the full size…I’ll have to donate the compact to a family member… :slight_smile:

We purchased ours at BBB full price minus the 20% coupon about 5 yrs ago.

So far, no problems whatsoever. I second all the great things you mentioned about this product.

One thing I’ve found out, if you purchased it at BBB and have a problem with it, you can return it for a new one. I inquired recently and was told their policy is “Returns Without a Hassle”. They stand behind the products they sell, like Costco who’s policy is “Customers Satisfaction”.

I purchased mine from Amazon shortly after I got the oven. It gets HOT on top,
you really need that accessory!

I picked up a large rectangular bamboo cutting board from an earlier woot sale for much less that is a pretty good fit. It comes up every so often so hold out if you can wait on the board.

Want to be family? :stuck_out_tongue:

Thoughts on the differences between compact and mini?

Hooray! I’m in for the compact. I love this site so much! Between my Dyson animal vacuum, Dyson hot & cool fan, Dyson tower fan and (as of last week) my new Hoover carpet cleaner, I’ve gotten top of the line products that I never would have been able to afford otherwise. I feel so fancy! Thank you SO MUCH, Woot. Now, if only I could ever get in on a BOC before they sell out, my world would be complete. :slight_smile:

I wanted the compact, but ordered the mini on accident while comparing them. Sent an email to woot, hope they will change the order, or at least cancel so I can reorder. Any chances of that happening?