Breville The Barista Express

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Breville The Barista Express
Price: $359.99
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Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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I have a Cuisinart “Steam Toy” that I use to make a single cup of coffee (Seattle’s Best, 8 oz cuppa) and it is faster and better than any Keurig so you could always use it like that… maybe?

Breville is nice stuff, I also have one of their toaster ovens which is truly amazing

I bought this same model for the same price on here (refurbished) back in June of 2017. I have zero regrets. It has been awesome, makes great espresso and steamed milk and the grinder is great. I consistently see these machines for sale inside department store for around $600 still so I think this deal is not bad!

The grinder mechanism is the source of many of the warranty returns or failures outside of warranty. Not only this model, but the more expensive “Touch” “Oracle” and the regular coffee “Grind Control” models.
When it works, it’s great. When the grinder breaks, you can’t bypass it and you are out of coffee. Just a really expensive steamer wand.

So what you’re saying is… if the grinder breaks the espresso machine will not make coffee?

We need more info please because that’s serious

We bought a refurb from Woot. After about 2 years of light use (since my daughter kept it in the closet for half of those 2 years) the pressure gauge stopped working. Apparently this is also a common failure on this machine but is almost impossible to replace due to complex connections. She is annoyed but it still makes coffee. Much less impressive than her Woot Breville toaster oven which is much older and still going strong.

If the grinder breaks, you can still pull shots and steam milk.

I used to have a printer/copier/scanner combo and when the printer broke the whole thing was broke… pissed me off. Yeah I know, not the same but still combo deals like this worry me

Make sure I understand this tone here, this machine, being that it is normally $600 can’t be fixed if a component of it breaks ? Like Breville doesn’t have the parts for replacement and instructions ?

The comparison to an all in one printer\scanner or stereo system is genuine.

I used a half dozen or more pump machines over the years, some used, some refurbs, some Italian, some Swiss, some Chinese.

But my La Pavoni full manual lever machine has the fewest moving parts and no motors or pumps. We have hard water, so it works for us.

I’ll add we bought one of these new. Just outside the warranty period the grinder bound up. Major disassembly pain to get it freed up; lasted another few weeks before it bound up again; rinse and repeat. Gave up with it. Now we grind the beans separately and just ignore that it has a grinder…

If these are not repairable, then how can woot!/amazon sell these as refurbs? (yes, i’m fully aware of woot’s history on selling us refurbs. been stung more than once.)

Perhaps not user repairable. I would assume that Breville could repair.

Anything that can be put together can be taken apart again it just depends on whether the amount of effort is worth it.

When they say “not repairable” I agree with ThunderThighs that it like just means not user repairable. I interrupt that as Breville either wanting to make sure they can A: profit from mechanical issues or B: does not make the parts readily available to owners for fear of litigation. I can see how they wouldn’t want John Smith digging into an electrical device with, essentially, a garbage disposal on top and a small bomb (pressurized system) potentially filled with scalding hot steam. You see what I mean?

I bought this refurbished from Woot back in Nov 2016 as a replacement for Rancilio Silvia/Mazzer Mini combination. I’m very happy with it and it’s a lot less hassle to get a consistently good shot with much less effort and precision. I don’t miss having to setup my Silvia to turn on automatically and pre-heat for an hour. The frothing is also better IMO. One negative, the portafilter diameter is smaller so it’s a bit of hassle to keep the ground coffee from overspilling and then having to get a good tamp. I’m now purchasing this as a housewarming gift for my son who was pulling shots on my machine after just one day.

I bought this same machine refurb from Woot almost 2 years ago, and I’ve had no issues so far. It’s the only espresso machine I’ve owned, but I’d buy it all over again. The only feature I don’t really ever use is the program feature.