Breville The Dual Boiler™ Espresso Machine

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Wow that is ridiculously cheap. I paid about this much for the Infuser just a year ago, and it’s literally half the machine…

BTW, the camera women in this video is annoying as shit, completely ruins an otherwise great video.

Killer deal… Been stalking this unit for months. Reading great reviews, researching competitor’s offerings, etc, and nothing comes remotely close @ this price. We are talking what, HALF of retail?

Not sure I desperately need it, but Breville has been doing me well lately (blenders, tea makers, etc.), and the reviews on this unit are stellar.

There’s nothing close without spending big bucks on a full blown commercial machine based on my reviews, and I’m a bit of a cappuccino/espressos snob.

Shocked @ the low price; if you are on the fence and ‘need’ something heavy duty and well built, don’t hesitate.

I can’t believe this deal. I just started a new job and was going use my first paycheck to pay for this machine. What am I going to do now with the remaining 700 bucks I had budgeted?

The specs on this machine and the general reviews make me believe that this is by far the best deal on a machine of this caliber. I just emailed anyone I know who might bite on this deal, but I made sure I got my order in first… I love my mochas and lattes but hate paying out the nose and having to leave the house to get them. I had a cheapo espresso machine and it just didn’t cut it. My husband just got a new job and if he gets his bonuses as advertised I may stalk this myself and pick one up next time it’s offered. Can’t quite justify it at the moment but I sure want to. BTW I also really need a new toaster oven, can you please pop one of those Breville bad boys on here soon? Thanks!

How’s this a deal? I cannot imagine spending $500 for a coffee machine.

It’s over 50% off retail and it’s one of the best prosumer level espresso machines on the market in its price range. Definitely not frugal but a great deal it is!

Just a warning. This cannot be descaled by the home user and must be sent in after a set number of uses. That said, a dual boiler with PID for $500? This is a ridiculously good deal, especially based on reviews. There are some videos on how to adjust the OPV to get the correct pressure.

Crap. I want this terribly. Unfortunately, it’s an unforeseen expense during a time where I have a vacation that I’m saving for next month. I simply cannot afford it at the moment. Woot, you better offer this again! Please? Just give me a couple of months.

I purchased this very machine (new) about 2 years ago. Firstly, let me make it clear that I am a total coffee snob (I live in San Francisco, and have a passion for 3rd wave coffee). It has - to this day - made outstanding espresso. The machine feels durable, and has been made to last for a long time. The milk frothing is fantastic. I am able to texture milk to the perfect ~ 155F in very little time, thus creating something that is a necessary component of latte art. If you’re on the line about this, don’t hesitate… it’s worth every penny. I paid about $950 for mine on a Black Friday deal via W&S. You’ll truly love the investment. And to those who doubt spending this much on a coffee/espresso machine… has life not yet taught you that buying cheap always end up costing more in the end? And - this is not even pricey.

As others have said, a fantastic deal for a prosumer espresso machine with some key features: PID, pre-infusion, double boiler, etc. However, no machine will perform well without a quality burr grinder for espresso (about $425 for a Baratza Vario), freshly roasted coffee beans ground just before brewing (either roast them at home yourself or buy beans that have been roasted within a week), and some skill at dosing and tamping into the portafilter. Otherwise, save your time and money and just buy coffee/espresso drinks from your favorite establishment. A cheap blade or burr grinder, pre-ground beans, or poorly dosed shot will not allow this machine or any machine to extract quality espresso.

For starters it isn’t a “coffee” machine. It makes espresso and in order to properly do that requires some fairly high quality equipment. What can you “imagine” spending $500 on? A golf club, some auto speakers, a wristwatch, a fountain pen, an ultralight tent, anything? Anything at all? Right, sure you can and whatever you’re into that you think is clearly worth $500 there are lots of ppl who think tahr’s insanity.

If naked PF don’t become available soon, I will cut mine. :wink:

Bottomless portafilter for this machine is $90 at Amazon

I bought this one and have no regrets…