Breville the Duo-Temp™ Espresso Machine

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Breville the Duo-Temp? Espresso Machine
Price: $159.99
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Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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Need some support? Check out the support page with just about everything you will want to know about this machine. and check out the product page

Anybody know if it is 110v only or 110/220v?

The specs list:

Voltage: 110-120V

BES920XL pls!

Comments from a previous sale

I have had this machine for 4 years and love it. I’ve had other quality machines and they never last, this machine is a tank!!! I have not had any issues at all with it as well, it always performs and might be one of my best woot purchases ever.

I bought mine new 6 years ago. It is a tank and works the same today as it did right out of the box. Don’t need another one but thought I’d share my experience with it as it’s that nice. Sure, the Keurig gets much more use now but this is the best home espresso option I have see so far…

I’ve also had mine about six years. It IS a tank and recently I found these little cleaning tabs for only $10 that get rid of the hard water that gathers on the water screen. Makes the machine almost new again.

It still sells at Macy’s for like $350.

Rock Solid Machine! Have had this for 5 years and it never fails to impress! No issues! Bottomless cups of espresso…

Perfect Timing…my ol’ Breville tank finally tanked out yesterday morning, most critical time of the day. Quickly I set up the other backup from a box, Capresso, another Woot purchase…pretty flimsy. I’m ordering this babe to resume the Breville Breakfast Espresso Special

How long did your old one lasted for?

I bought one of these when it showed up here a couple months ago. Works pretty well, though it steams milk quite slowly and the auto-purge makes it hard to warm it up for steam before you start steaming the milk.

You’ll want a knock box to get the soupy coffee pucks out, and maybe a tamper too if you don’t like the plastic phone one that came with it. It takes a 51mm should you go that route. Don’t forget these added costs if you want them (not necessary but nice).

Breville also sells non-pressurized filter baskets if you know about that stuff and want them, but this only comes with the pressurized ones.

For the price it’s a nice machine.

Agreed. Please!