Breville the Juice Fountain® Elite

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Breville the Juice Fountain? Elite
Price: $169.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Tuesday, May 06 to Wednesday, May 07) + transit
Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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Near perfect reviews over at Williams Sonoma and

What a deal. If I didn’t just get the refurbished BJE510XL for $120 I’d be in.

NEW at Macy’s for the same price…sheeesh.
CORRECTION… $152.99 with code SUPER

[MOD: Different Model. This model is $334.]

Not the same model. Check the comparison in the link below.

Not being a juicer I wondered what this was all about. A little time with google showed me it’s not all it appears.



Even Dr Oz says it’s not all that:

I think I’ll save my money and eat my veggies instead of drinking them. Cheaper and more filling. At least know I know what it’s all about.

DONT buy from this site. I ordered a blender 180 bucks and it arrived and did not work at all. The comment back was call the manufacturer. IT NEVER WORKED and now I am out 180 bucks. I have purchased many things from this site but being a good customers does not matter at all!!!

[MOD: Pls see my post below.]

I’ve bought thousands of dollars worth of stuff via “this site” and have had ONE issue out of the dozens of purchases. (product was shipped in a black model when I ordered red.) When I contacted Customer service, it was well in-line with my expectations and I can assure you that a tantrum like this will not impact my future buying decisions. I am confident I’m not alone in my point of view.

Same experience for me. Had my first issue on my last order. The company is run by mostly humans after all so mistakes will happen. Woot took care of everything. Their support is probably one of the better I’ve delt with for online shopping.

As for the juicer, I’m torn. I feel like losing out on some of the pulp could be a waste of nutrients. Anyone know how this would compare to a Ninja or other high power blender?

I’m sorry for the problem with your blender. Did you try contacting the manufacturer, Omega? If you were unable to get assistance from them, contact our CS again with all the info from your attempt.

I’ll send a note to CS to see how we can assist you in the meantime.

Six month warranty? Why so short ?

Well I had ONE bad experience and that was because I didn’t read Terms and Conditions regarding fitted items. I made a stink about some shoes being labelled as Size 9 when they were (much) smaller. Customer Service eventually offered me a chance to return the item, but I chose to donate it (personal responsibility and all). But Woot DID try to resolve my issue

I have purchased so many useful items from Woot that it would take too long to list – Mom’s Big Baseball TV comes to mind. Are ALL the deals perfect? No, but a little research will tell you whether to buy or not buy. Read the Terms & Conditions and know whether the item is new, reconditioned or discontinued. Read reviews on the item…be INFORMED.

Don’t make the Monkeys Mad…they might stop giving us deals.

Now, for the juicer…Breville consistently rates high in consumer satisfaction. This two speed model allows you to go slow with greens and such and juice the heck out of larger fruit at high speed. Comments regarding pulp – there are TONS of recipes for using the pulp fro juicers – the key is to separate Veggie pulp from Fruit pulp. Is juicing magic? Opinions vary, but if buying one will get you to reach for a wad of carrots/apples/celery instead of a soft drink and pretzels, it can’t be doing you harm. Price is good for this level of juicer…warranty is typical for reconditioned/refurbished equipment and you can supplement it with Square Trade.

I just love how they say that the feed tube accommodates whole fruit and they have a medium sized apple sitting on top clearly unable to go down the tube without cutting it up!

Purchased one the last time it was on, and like all Breville products I have purchased they do not disappoint… My daughter has used it more than me and now she is in for one on this deal.

Hard for me to believe anyone has had a problem with Breville that customer service did not take care of post haste. I have had a couple of issues and they have taken care of it as soon as I told them the problem, what more can you ask.

Hi, yes i’ve got the Ninja and breville 510 (from woot a few months ago) which is similar to this model offered now. I use the ninja for smoothies and post workout protein shakes because it makes it a bit thicker. The breville is great for veggie juice though, it does seem like such a waste every time i through out the pulp; however it does it’s job and makes a great smooth, pure liquid juice, which i can’t do in my ninja. That said, i think the breville juicer makes good fruit smoothies as well, just a little too watery for my liking, and i haven’t added powder into the juicer, but if you were going to, i’d just stir it in AFTER the juice is finished, i would NOT put it through the juicer. Hope that helps a bit

I’ve had a Juice Fountain Elite for about a year and use it a few times a week, mainly with carrots. It’s a great juicer, very mechanically sound and heavy duty and we wash everything but the base in the dishwasher so cleanup is easy.

As someone already mentioned you’re not going to be able to fit apples into the chute without cutting them unless you have small apples.

Reminds me of the tin man.

Just my two cents worth. I bought a new one of these 2 months ago, and use it daily. I love it, and there’s really no comparison on the market, in it’s price range (299.99 delivered new from Breville or $239.99 at William Sonoma outlet). Yes if you get the giant apples from Costco you will have to cut them in three pieces to get them in, but the Shute (feed tube) is large compared with almost all the other manufactures and models, and does allow you to jam some fairly large items down its throat, as well as packing in fist-fulls of leafy greens with ease, and its stainless steal so you don’t need to fear cracking it when you jam a 3-1/4" apple in it with the food pusher. However, you should know that after about 5 weeks, the pulp, which was initially super dry, started coming out wetter, and I suppose that’s, ’ cause I juice hard things like ginger and mostly green veggies, kale, spinach, parsley, cuc’s, celery, etc, and yes apples and pears too… and they are hard on a juicer blade. The juice also has become more foamy, than initially as well. I’ll live with it, as I make about 40 to 50 oz of juice each morning, drink half and refrigerate the other half for lunch. It cost $10.00 a pop for a similar 20-24 oz juice here in town, and my cost is about $5 to $6 dollars a day on average, so its already paid for itself. The place I was getting my juice from serves at least fifty 24oz juices every day in the off season, and they use the Breville duo (they only have one unit), which is essentially the same juicer (at $100.00 more) with a variable speed control instead of 2 speeds (the max is still 13,500RPM’s on both) and a smoothie insert (that they never use) and has some very mixed reviews. Really, to upgrade from this model you need to go to the Angel juicer, and that one is $1,300.00.

I’ll also say that the ease of cleaning is great, the stainless is awesome, and there are powdered products you can purchase that mix with water, to dissolve the pectin that builds up on everything, over time. Soak the parts in a pail over-night, and rinse in the morning, then juice away. You can reuse it for about a week.

As I’m typing this, I’m tempted to buy another one just 'cause it’s so cheap.