Breville the Mini Smart Oven®

Except for the Breville blender offered here a few weeks ago, we have purchased all of our Breville appliances at Bed, Bath and…we were able to use the 20% coupon for all of the purchases.

The 800XL oven we purchased about 3-4 yrs ago is the kitchen appliance we find most useful. We use it for cooking, baking toasting, pizza, etc. Great product!

Someone alluded to the young lady’s accent in the video. Perhaps it’s because the company is Australian.

My experience, FYI.
I ordered one on 12/28. Arrived yesterday. Looks great, really sleek design. Plugged it in. It beeped and flashed an error code immediately. Checked the manual. The code indicates “a non-resettable issue with the appliance.” Boo. Just requested a return authorization from Woot Support.

Sorry to hear that you’re experiencing issues with your purchase.

We recommend that since the item still carries a 6 Month Breville that you contact their customer support page.
They should be extremely helpful in resolving the technical issues you’re encountering.

If you contact them and they’re unable to provide assistance, please feel free to email into and let them know.

I ordered the Breville BOV450XL Mini Smart Oven on December 27th,and received it December 31st. Immediately I went to use my new mini oven and it won’t power on. The same day, I contacted woot and did not get a response back for 2 weeks… Woots solution was for me to contact Breville since there is a 90 day warranty! I just want my money back. Nice support woot!

Sorry to hear that you experienced issues with your purchase. Normally we refer to the manufacturer’s warranty as they’re very helpful in resolving and addressing issues with their products.

I’ve spoken with Woot Member Services and they have emailed you back from your last email inquiry.

We recommend that you check the inbox of the email address associated with your Woot Account.

Thank you for your continued patience during this matter.