Breville the Mini Smart Oven

This thing is awesome! I picked one up about 6 months ago and use it almost daily. Perfect for heating up fries, burritos, smaller pizzas. Very convenient and heats up super fast, 425-450F in no time. Only complaint is that almost requires a dedicated outlet as it takes quite a bit of power.

Got one about a weerk ago and it is a pretty good oven I’ve owned just about every brand of these through the years. Is it worth the premium price? Not really. But it functions well looks nice and is compact. It has a weird plug that extends out over an inch which necessitated a swivel plug for the outlet.

We got one from woot about 2 years ago. We use it for about 90% of oven cooking. Heats up in a couple of minutes, doesn’t heat the house up in the summer like the big oven. Pretty sure it uses way less electricity than the big oven. Only wish it was big enough for a casserole dish.