Breville the Mini Smart Oven

Do you notice that this oven comes up a lot on Woot? That’s because it’s not reliable. I bought this on Woot a while ago and it broke the first time I used it. Woot took it back, but it took me over a month to get a refund, I had to repack it, and send it back to woot. Have yourself a very Merry Christmas and avoid the hassles this product can bring.

My experience with this unit has been quite positive. I bought this about a year ago here on Woot and have had no problems with the refurbed unit. The learning curve is minimal, the buttons sensical, the appearance nice and sleek, and the products cooked as intended. The “a little more” button is a nice touch when you want your toasted item a bit browner but not burned.

I agree with the positive experience thus far. But I’m not immune from DoA woot products either—nature of the game I think.

I’ve just received and used this about 5 times but I love it. Made a bold call to try and use this as a substitute for a microwave for rehearing and is so far working really well. Now just need a set of Pyrex bowls for it!

Main thing that enables this is the really fast preheat time. I get 0-350 in under 5 minutes, maybe around 3.

It’s design is wonderfully elegant (simple, thoughtful). And it doesn’t have much height (a stuffed green bell pepper had only about an inch or 1.5 in of clearance left), but it’s really deep.

Hope this thing keeps working in top form :). In general, experience with all countertop ovens has always been weak and short-lived