Breville the Mini Smart Oven

Have had many toaster ovens over the years from all different manufacturers. Bought this one a few months ago and I’m not impressed. Even at the price of a refurb, there are better choices at a lower price.

I bought one of these from Woot last time it was available and I think its great! its not just a toaster oven its a small oven, great at making toast and warming up leftovers without
getting soggy and disgusting.

Avoid it… We bought it because it wasn’t supposed to have any hot or cold spots in it… I tested it with pre-packaged cookie dough… One sheet and I should have had a bunch of perfectly made cookies… What I had was some perfect cookies and others under cooked and others burnt. In other words it has both hot and cold spots. Returned it and bought a cheaper oven and got better results.

If it was $50 it might be worth it but at over $100 its a rip.

We have had one of these for at least 2-3 years. We love it. We use it for 90% of things we cook. Everything except pizza since it won’t fit. Heats up 3-4x faster than our full size oven. Uses way less energy and doesn’t heat the house up during the summer.

What do you think is a better oven to buy? thanks

Is there a beep when the toast or bagels are done?

Yes, it beeps when done. I’ve had mine for about a year and a half and am very satisfied. It isn’t perfect, but far exceeds all of the cheap toaster ovens I’ve owned over many years.

Tip: At first I thought the oven was inconsistent but realized that leaving the food in after the beep results in continued cooking while the oven cools down. Doh!! Sometimes I took the food out immediately, sometimes not. So it wasn’t the oven, it was me that was inconsistent.

Bought one new. The feature I love the best is that it heats up so fast. Maybe three minutes to reach 425. You can have some frozen fries done by this before your regular oven gets up to temperature.

A Digiorno Pizzeria style will fit. They’re a little bit smaller.