Breville YouBrew® Drip Coffee Maker

**Item: **Breville YouBrew? Drip Coffee Maker
Price: $109.99
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Condition: Refurbished

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This thing is legit!

I got one last woot and it is fantastic. I’m a coffee aficionado. I’ve had numerous G&B systems, and this wins hands down.

The good (or great):

  • Finest grains by any g&b in it’s class.
  • Glass is easy to clean. It also doesn’t lose heat because it’s not a thermal. The thermal version sucks the heat when brewing and the coffee is just warm, not hot.
  • Easy to clean overall. It’s very well designed with brushes included.
  • Single cup!
  • Makes the best coffee IMHO.

Things to note:

  • It doesn’t calculate water for carafe. The thermal does. Not a big deal but it will brew all the water in the tank and calculate the coffee needed.
  • The warmer can burn the coffee if it’s close to empty.
  • It uses more beans that other models. Because of this it fills the basket quickly. It’s worth it though.

Overall it’s top notch. I use it everyday for the last few months and haven’t had an issue. It is the Cadillac of g&b’s. I like it way better than thermals. If you’re in the market go for it.

I purchased this same exact unit in May for $20.00 more. Great machine, brews excellent coffee. If it doesn’t sell out this time I may cost less than $100.00 in future.

Bought this last time around, in May, for $20 more (grrrr, woot). Works well, except for:
[]Loud grinder. Don’t expect the rest of the house not to hear it if you’re up making coffee bright and early.
]As reviews elsewhere have mentioned, it makes strong coffee, even at the lowest settings. This doesn’t bother me, but if you like your coffee weaker than average, beware.
[]Requires more cleaning after each use than the previous grind-and-brew coffeemaker I owned (a Capresso CoffeeTeam Therm). The filter basket holder has some hard-to-rinse spots that you have to thoroughly check after each use, or you’ll end up with stale-flavored coffee next time you brew. And the plate between the grinder and the basket holder gets enough wet grounds on it each time that it also must be cleaned after every use.
]This model lacks a thermal carafe, as well as the ability to adjust the automatic shut-off time on the hot plate. With my old coffeemaker, I could come back several hours later and the thermal carafe would still have hot or, at the very least, warm coffee in it. No hot plate was necessary. With the Breville, once the hot plate turns off automatically after two hours, that’s it. Coffee’s cold in under a half hour.

I got the steel carafe model from woot in January and we’ve used almost every single day since it arrived. Best drip machine I’ve ever used. Cleaning is a breeze, coffee is always fresh and delicious.

We’re been using really oily beans (Kicking Horse dark roasts most of the time), even though a lot of people say that’s not a good idea in grind/brew machines. Not had a single problem.

Seriously, the only complaint I can think of is that the writing on the pot’s lid is starting to wear off.

privateertx is right, the glass model does have a hot plate timeout function, but I haven’t seen a drip coffeemaker that doesn’t in years, at any price. Go buy a cheap thermal carafe for 15 bucks off the mothership if it’s that important… or brew two smaller pots when you need them and always have FRESH coffee at hand.

However, I sleep in the room next to the kitchen, and the grinder often does not wake me up. The plate behind the carafe I only need to rinse off every couple weeks (also a good time to wipe off the plate that protects the chute from which the ground coffee is delivered. The filter basket rinses off easily with a sink sprayer if you have decent water pressure. The gold tone coffee filter is the same as any other, and that one you do have to keep an eye on to make sure stale flavor doesn’t sneak in.

First, let me say that I am a coffee lover and fussy about my brew. I like my coffee bold and strong…I bought one of these here about a year ago, except it came with a thermal carafe. I use it every day, often twice a day and it is still running strong; makes great coffee and easy to set up and clean. I was skeptical about a machine with a built-in grinder but now love it. It is by far the most convenient machine I have ever had and makes great tasting coffee. You can vary the boldness at the touch of a button (they really work)from very light to eye-popping strong. If mine had issues, I would buy another in a heart beat. The grinder is a bit noisy and at the richer blends it uses up the beans, but the results are excellent. I run the basket and housing under the water after each use and clean the feed chute about every two weeks. That’s it!

I’m surprised to see some of these reviews. I bought the thermal carafe version brand new from Williams-Sonoma. Returned it 3 days later. No matter what settings were used, the brew was weak and watery. The grinder didn’t seem to output the amount of grinds that it should. The overall temp seemed cool as well.

Hopefully they’ve improved them a bit as Brevilles are gorgeous machines. But for something that started out retailing for $300 I am not surprised they close to a third of that now.

Do not have this coffee maker but just wanted to say that I have a refurb Breville espresso machine. It has worked flawlessly for 4 years. A refurb is a great chance to try a product at a reduced price!!

I bought the Breville on Woot, the carafe version, last December and we love it.
Instead of the basket, I use the disposable paper filters. Makes it much easier for cleanup.

I bought this three months ago as a refurb on Woot.
The coffee is never very hot and the strength always seems off no matter what.

The grinder started clogging two weeks after I got it and now it doesn’t work at all.
I would stay away from this model

I just found a fully working German-made Braun machine from the late 70’s early 80’s. Aside from the true sparse designer look of that time, it has a plastic cone that accepts BOTH the #2 filters and the #5 filters for times when you need a lot of coffee.

I also have a nice Kitchenaide blade grinder and Rotpunkt German carafe that holds 12 cups.

Very retro and all cost me under $15 at Goodwill.

So if you are short of cash and want quality, look around. Then you can use the money you save for that Dyson refurb you want.

The first batch of these things that went out a few years back had issues with the grinder not grinding fine enough. What you describe is exactly what people complained about.

As to the non scalding temperature of the coffee- that’s an inherent thing in thermal carafe machines of all make. Too much heat goes into heating the carafe.

So I would not expect you to have either of those problems with this particular model.

Now my question- can you really not tell it to brew 1,2,…,12 cups of coffee and have it only use that much of the water in the tank?

I know one of the best feature of this coffee is the grind and brew option, but what if I wanted to use pre-ground coffee? Probably sacrilegious to ask that, but sometimes I don’t want the noise of the grinder going in the morning.

It works fine with preground coffee as well. It is just another setting on the machine.

I bought this one in May (for $20 more). I agree with everything guinsdan stated in their post above. This is about the same “loudness” as my old Melitta Grind & Brew. However, this is much easier to clean, does not make a mess with the coffee grinds and allows you to actually clean more parts on a periodic basis.

I did have troubles with the one I bought in May and had to return it to Breville. It decided to stop working in the carafe mode, only brewed about a 1/2 cup of water no matter how much water was in the tank. I was definitely disappointed. However, I was incredibly impressed by the customer support. I called them up, they issued me a free return shipping label and sent me a new, refurb several days later. The new one has been working great so far.

I got the thermal version from woot a few months ago and absolutely love it. Judging from the product manual, this machine is nearly identical, save the glass carafe and the inability to brew a partial water tank in carafe mode. I’ll second (or third or fourth) those saying it would be nice to have hotter coffee in the carafe. The single cup mode lets the grounds steep in the water to extract more flavor from the beans and is the mode I normally use. I figure if the coffee is going to be a little cooler than optimal anyway, put that heat to use instead of into a carafe.

Having said that, it’s not like you will mistake the coffee this machine produces for a frozen coffee drink. Those who like to add milk, cream, etc to their cuppa may be more disappointed than those drinking it straight up.

The thermal version replaced a Cuisinart Grind n Brew. The Breville is significantly easier to clean. Steam does not enter the hopper/grind area, so “mud” is reduced significantly. “Mud” will form on the filter basket but is easily rinsed off. Be sure to lift the lid and look on the bottom of the lid.

The auto shutoff wouldn’t scare me off this model. If your coffee has been cooking on a hot plate for two hours, it might be time to brew some fresh anyway.

I got this the last time it was on Woot. Ours worked well for a few days then stopped dispensing all the water, developed leaks, etc. It had also arrived with some inexcusable cosmetic damage that Woot said it was not responsible for. Breville customer service was awesome though. They sent a brand new replacement that has been going strong for a few weeks now. It really makes much better coffee than any other drip machine I’ve encountered so long as you use paper filters. We really did not like the taste of the metal filter even though I make french press very often. The only real drawback to it is the cleanup. There are many parts to clean, and you must clean and dry them every time or I think you’d have big problems with clogging.

The “thermal carafe coffee isn’t hot enough” complaint is universal to all carafe machines. Since this isn’t a carafe machine, it’s not a problem here.

For any carafe, there are two easy fixes, though. First, if you’re filling the carafe to full capacity, less total heat is lost to the container. A full youbrew carafe is plenty hot - a half-carafe is NOT. Second, if you’re brewing on demand instead of timed, just fill the carafe with hot water and let it sit a minute, then drain and brew. It’s the same thing espresso drinkers do to their cups, and aeropress and french press users often do the same. Not a big deal.