Breville YouBrew Coffee Maker

Amazon reviews are mixed.

But over $200 new, I might pull the trigger on this badboy.

All the perks of fresh ground and french press, without taking up all of my counter space? AND a good cup of coffee? I may have to look into this.

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please do tell…I don’t have time for a dud or weak/cold coffee! “ain’t nobody got time for that!”

LOL!!! That’s exactly where I was going with my comment! …but seriously, am I gonna get “cold pop” out of this machine or is this coffee going to be on “fiarrrr?”

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I ordered one last time they were offered, and received one with numerous defects (see post). The replacement is due in tomorrow, one month after I ordered the original. I will be very critical of it!

ALSO - Warranty may not be what Woot claims. Breville service told me on the phone they do not warranty refurbs beyond 90 days, no matter the seller, including this one. Woot said they were checking on this, then never got back to me. I’d believe the manufacturer on this, since they’re the ones who would service it. Not sure how Square Trade will treat the apparent 3-month hole in coverage.

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Breville is an excellent brand. I have a Breville toaster, and it is built like an elegant tank. It makes absolutely perfect toast. The controls are extremely well thought out, and it is beautiful.

If the Breville coffee maker works as well and is constructed anything like the toaster, there is potential of a best of best.

I got one last time they were offered and have been enjoying the best brewed coffee of my life since.

Pros -
Great coffee
Built like a tank
Intuitive controls
About as quiet as a burr grinder can be
Can use pre-ground coffee too

Huge, this thing is massive and barely fits under our cabinets, short people might have a hard time filling the water tank and possibly the bean hopper

High maintenance, I take 5-7 minutes every day to clean all of the moving pieces. Fine now but this might get old after a year or two. Maybe I’ll pen my first novel, “Zen and the Art of Coffee Brewer Maintenance”?

No heated carafe. Fine for my wife and me but some people might like 9 hour old hot coffee. The insulated carafe does keep the coffee hot for a few hours.

To me this was a steal, blows my old Bunn out of the water. Get some quality beans, experiment with the many settings and enjoy some fine java.

I ordered the coffee maker last time it was offered on Woot! (I am drinking a cup of coffee made from the machine as I write this). This coffee maker makes excellent coffee and is well worth the price. Prior to this my wife and I used a breville single cup (K cup) coffee maker, or an Aero press, or our Chemex to brew the coffee and a hand burr grinder for our beans. The coffeee from this Breville is as good as or better than the coffee from my other three methods/machines.

One problem with the unit I received is that it leaks water from the bottom, I am not sure how. I made sure I am not over-filing it and I also ran it through the descale process outlined in the owners manual and it did not resolve the issue so I will be contacting Breville for a replacement.

As for the negative reviews on Amazon regarding ‘cold’ coffee, I have not experienced this issue. Every cup I have I have had from this unit has been hot.

Thanks to drxo for the heads up about the warranty.

“High maintenance, I take 5-7 minutes every day to clean all of the moving pieces.”

Yep, as and old GF once asked of almost any kitchen gadget I looked at, “Is it hard to clean?”

She’s long gone, but she has saved me thousands of dollars. Thanks sweetie!

I ordered this pot last time (just prior to Christmas) and had to send back the original after one brew due to a constant de-scale message and cold coffee (temp. 140). I received a replacement refurbished unit from Breville and the temperature was a little better, but it was only about 160. Fresh brewed coffee should be brewed closer to 200 degrees. As I understand it, the Breville uses an aluminum brewing element, which isn’t as efficient as a copper element. And that’s the reason for cold coffee and the scaling issue. I’m returning my coffee maker using the American Express return guarantee.

You guys talked me out of this one! Not pulling the trigger on $130 coffee pot with a 50/50 chance of success!

I bought one of these on Woot just before Christmas.
Constantly stops brewing to display the “Change Filter” message. I don’t like standing there watching the coffee brew, but I have to in order to adjust the coffee filter and re-start the machine. Forget about using the automatic start feature - the “Change Filter” message usually interrupts the process.
Had to “de-scale” machine after two pots of coffee.
Haven’t used the grinder, and temperature is fine, but total lack of dependability with filter messages leaves me thinking this was a bad purchase. I’ll be sending it back.
Hope you get a better machine than I did!

Mine works fine (after I returned one that had problems - they actually got a new refurb to me in less than a week). The problem is I like to use the timer and the strength of the coffee is over the top - like much stronger than a cup bought at Starbucks. It uses a ton of coffee compared to my Krups KM7000 I’ve retired, and I have it on the lowest, mild setting. I sent the first one back partially because I thought this was one of the defects.

So every morning I start it manually on the mild setting - filled with 4 cups of water - and as soon as the burr grinder stops I add 4 more cups of water to the reservoir. (sometimes 6 and then 6) My coffee still comes out stronger than Starbucks.

I’m still thinking about whether or not I want to try to return it. While there are a lot of good points, the fact that the amount of water you put in determines the amount of coffee ground and you can’t otherwise adjust the amount of coffee to be ground is not good.

I also got one last time around and could write the identical review- pros and cons. I think this is the best coffee I’ve ever had.