Breville YouBrew® Drip Coffee Maker

**Item: **Breville YouBrew? Drip Coffee Maker
Price: $129.99
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Condition: Refurbished

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Warranty on this refurbished unit will be directly from Breville? DOA? According to reviews from Amazon, it seems like there are a lot of issues with this unit.

I received my Breville unit after buying from the non-Woot-off sale and it was defective/leaking. I called Breville and they replaced my (remanufactured) unit with a brand new one (no coffee smell and all the new packaging). Customer service was great and the coffee maker works great.

Purchased this during the woot off and after reading old posts about this unit be garbage, felt immediate buyers remorse.

Received the unit with a dent in the side but appeared to be brand new, no visible damage was on the outside of the box so I’m sure this is how it was shipped from the factory and assume this is why it is considered a refurb.

I like strong coffee so made the first pot on the “strong” setting, not “intense” and the coffee was waaay too strong.

Next couple of pots were done at a little above “mild” and almost the entire hopper of beans was ground and the coffee was still too strong for me. (remember, on my Capresso Coffee team I always set it to the strongest setting and feel it could be just a hair stronger.)

On Saturday we go through the routine of making a pot of coffee, 12 cups, the whole hopper of beans is ground and only 4 cups of coffee are made and the unit shows 4 cups in the reservoir. Thinking it was a fluke I dismissed it. Same thing happened Sunday and again this morning which was not good as I really need morning coffee on a work day.

Does anyone know a cure for partial pot brewing or is a call, like so many before me, to Breville in order?