I paid 150 for that first “mini” oven from Amazon brand new. It’s not a significant discount for one that’s brand new but that being said I can at least highly recommend the product itself. Works great, nice small footprint in the kitchen. I use it more than the real oven.

The Compact Smart Oven rocks! I got a refurbished edition on Woot a few months ago. I mainly got it to avoid having to use the big oven, since I’m only cooking for my wife and myself. In that time, I have not turned the big oven on a single time.

This thing is big, too. It can easily fit a standard size frozen pizza. I’ve roasted two large sweet potatoes at once with room to spare, and I’ve used it to cook various kinds of large squash. It can easily fit 4 slices of bread, and toasts much better than our old toaster oven.

If I didn’t know it was refurbished when I purchased it, I wouldn’t have been able to tell. Not a scratch or dent on it, and it works like new. It’s definitely well worth the price on here.

Good comparison of models on the amazon page.

Where is the BOV800XL? I wanted a convection oven.

I bought the smart oven new from the “big A” and couldn’t be more pleased. It easily handles those family sized frozen entrees that are marked “Do not cook in a toaster oven”.

Bagels, toast, pizza, warm-ups, everything imaginable. No localized heating, and mine has convection fan as well.

Any love for that blender?

I have some love. I bought one from Woot a few years ago. It’s done everything I’ve asked it to, from smoothies to soups.

Dang, I just bought the 650XL a week or so ago. Very pleased with it so far

No surprise the compact smart oven is sold out. That could possibly be my best Woot purchase ever.

I originally bought it because my wife and mother-in-law were constantly firing up the big wall oven to cook small stuff and it made me crazy.

It gets used practically every day, and is really a great thing to have in the kitchen.

Question regarding the bread maker: how big is this thing? What’s its ‘footprint’ on a kitchen counter-top? And, how much does it weigh?

Did you watch the video? It looks huge.

I have a little Toastmaster toaster oven. It does nicely with small steaks but is terrible for even just a couple cookies. Is the Mini Smart Oven worth the upgrade (in size, price, and performance)?

I missed the toaster oven again…&%#$! Woot really needs an alert widget that you can put in common items and have it alert you when they come up.

I have the 800XL refurbed from Amazon. Works very well and looks great too. The dials are a bit anachronistic, would definitely have preferred buttons. Also, it draws a TON of power so you have to make sure it is on a separate power line (my lights kind of flicker to the point I’m considering some rewiring even). But it’s really that good that I would rather rewire than get rid of it!

I love all brevilles blenders and will not be without one!

I’m impressed with the smart grinder. A year or so into ownership. Nearly daily use. Goes down to decently fine pixie dust.

I’ve had the grinder for over a year and love it. It makes the least mess of any grinder I’ve had, is equally simple to use to charge the espresso filter or fill the container. Hopper is well sized to hold an entire bag. Grind adjustment is simple, effective and has a very wide range. I use it mainly for espresso at home and to grind a quantity to take for french press away from home.
Breville customer service is great, too. I purchased a refurb milk frother and it was missing an attachment (I thought). The very nice people helped me find where it was stored in a clever place on the machine - problem solved and they were so pleasant and prepared to ship me whatever I was missing before I found it.
Full disclosure - I also have the Breville smart oven, espresso machine, tea pot, water kettle. One of my few brand loyalties.

I have the BOV650XL Smart Oven, Smart Grinder, AND BES900XL espresso machine.

Breville rocks. I’m loyal to them too!

I got the Compact oven a few months ago from Woot and love it! It works well for all the small 1-person sized baking. I baked a 12" frozen pizza in it according to the ‘oven’ instructions and it turned out exactly like the big oven, but with faster pre-heating. Makes toast and garlic bread just fine. It is a bit of a space hog but I just store my wooden chopping board and other metal pans on top of it.

I bought the Breville juicer on the last and I love it but my only complaint was the shipping packaging. The company sent it in the original box with the picture/description all over it. This was left on my front porch anyone could have stolen it. Thank God it wasn’t.