Oddly enough, I keep an earlier model of this same device on my kitchen counter! In the cookbook that came with my machine, there is a recipe for Tandoori Chicken that is worth the cost of the machine. I am sure that I paid at least twice the price, and I haven’t had one problem with it.

The oven is a wonderful appliance. Bought our first one at BB&B. The second on Woot almost a year ago. Hardly ever use our full-size oven. It’s ideal for two four people. Remembers your last setting too.

awesome price; got ours for our wedding this year we use it constantly. So convinient for reheating food we use it more than our microwave or regular oven when it’s just the 2 of us!

Any warranty with this refurbished unit? What is the shipping costs?


The warranty for each item is noted at the bottom of the Features tab. If you find one missing, let us know and we’ll fix it.

Shipping is always $5 per cart. So load up your cart with as much as you want and it all ships for $5.

Thank you! Since this unit is refurbished, what should I expect for it’s condition vs a new unit? Are they refurbished by Breville? Tested? It will contain everything a new one does? 90 warranty: is that through you or Breville if there is a problem?

Thanks again,

Well great, gone. You could have at least told me that you didn’t have many and/or that I didn’t have much time, while I was waiting for your response. I even had it in my cart :frowning:


We were reading reviews on Amazon…decided we HAD to have one and it just sold out.

Is it worth checking the site later? It seems like I once read where items go back online when an exact sales count is tabulated.

True/false? Bueller? Bueller? Anyone???

This is Woot… what did you expect? They get a few things and if you want it you buy it otherwise you miss out.

My wife and I got one of these for full price at BBB about 5 years ago or so if I’m remembering correctly. Solid product. Full price is even a good deal, IMO.

I picked a refurb on the last woot sale a month ago. Works as designed. I have made three loaves of varying sizes with no problems.

I received this exact juicer as an early Christmas present. Overall it’s awesome; here’s my take on it:


  • no chunks make it through, just pure juice

  • pitcher is large and is designed to keep your glass from filling with foam when you pour

  • pulp container for solids holds a lot

  • sturdy construction, not flimsy or cheap-feeling

  • turns on with a nice solid switch, none of that digital b.s.

  • fun to watch food get pulverized! :slight_smile:


  • a fair amount of juice ends up in the collector instead of the pitcher, particularly with citrus. I dump the container into a bowl, replace it, and run the solids through at least once more & end up with several extra ounces of juice. It works but is a pain in the @ss

  • also a pain to clean afterwards. Everything rinses clean (except the metal blade/strainer basket, which needs to soak), but there are A LOT of parts. The strainer basket is microfine mesh, which is awesome for separating the pulp/juice, but is easy to clog unless you immediately soak it

  • I told my fiance this is “a rich person’s appliance,” meaning I’d be a lot more likely to use it every day if I had a maid/cook to use (& clean!) it for me :stuck_out_tongue: I’m too lazy/unmotivated to use this on a daily basis

Again, so far as how it works for its intended purpose – making yummy juice – it does the job well!

I, too, had the oven in my cart while I checked reviews on Amazon and made sure it was the full size unit. I came back to purchase and it was sold out. =(

If only John had one of these out back, he could do your toasting.

Every now and then, Woot has the oven for sale, and every single time, it sells out almost instantly. Next time, don’t hesitate!! I’ve been dying for one, and each time I miss it. I finally gave up and purchased the Calphalon XL on Amazon which is a bit cheaper. It will be here next week. Fingers crossed.

It’s back! On woot! Home today. Probably better hurry though!

Thanks, but that’s the “mini”. I really want the 800XL for bigger jobs.

I’m sure it will be back before too long. I can wait. I actually plan to use it in my outdoor kitchen (which is sealed up for the winter). Using a full sized oven indoors in the summer while the A/C is running is just crazy.

We bought the toaster oven from woot last year and I love it. In fact I love all of my Breville appliances. I would buy the grill but I just boast a grill I haven’t used yet.

The hemisphere blender is AWESOME. I also had a Breville cordless immersion blender that I finally ran the battery out on… contemplating new battery vs. new product at present (not readily changeable battery). This company makes great stuff. Bought the hemisphere on woot as a refurb; looked like new, have had no issues whatsoever.