Brian Benson Cellars Syrah - Two Pack

Brian Benson Cellars Syrah - Two Pack
$41.99 + $5 shipping (MOST LIKELY WILL BE $7)
1 2004 Syrah Denner Vineyards – no notes in CT
1 2005 Syrah Denner Vineyards – 91 point @ $29.00 (1 review) in CT

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So I had the right idea, just picked the wrong Benson

The winery website, for those interested, is linked here.


ok, I need some reports to talk me into this juice. I loved the Normans but need a bit more urging on this one.

Is shipping now cheaper, the price listed a typo or did someone make a bob-boo with pricing?

Love, love, love Syrah. Count me in as soon as I can get through.

Most of what I’ve had from Paso Robles has been on the jammy fruit bomb side of the spectrum. Curious to see if these are in a similar boat.

Typo for almost-complete-sure. WD will confirm soon.

Any thoughts, MM? It appears you know this winery well, as I think I saw you in the lights for 3. I am kind of interested, as I want to drink a Syrah/Shiraz in the near future, but I’m unsure.

“an impressive example of full-bodied Syrah possessing terrific minerality”

I do love minerality…

Looks intersting…around 57.00 on the website. Worth a try.

Glad to see “new blood” on here. I’m curious as to the differences in the 04 and 05 vintages - hope the winemaker chimes in to discuss tomorrow.

In for one! C’mon, the labrattage!

MaskedMarvel… hoping that you check through this first page tonight or sometime. Anyway, check your pm’s about something from last week.

The write-up this week bodes well. Winemaker appears to be younger than 90% of the buyers here. :slight_smile:

Very interested in the differences in the two vintages and, from the look of it, two very different wines from a winemaker who appears to take a very, “let the fruit show” approach.

1m 23.157s to first wine.woot? Man, those servers were slammed. Must be the t-shirt.woot birthday shirt.

I’m a Syrah fan. It was so hard to get through, I muscle memoried the I Want Three button, but switched it back to just one. I’m so red heavy, and the Wellington Syrah is plentiful here. Dunno why the heat bar was inaccurate on that…

Also over 15 minutes and still no Mill.

Reposting because of wonkyness in the forums: I love, love, love Syrah!

Hey, Code monkeys reposted my previous post!

w3rd. I’ll look it up and get back to you after this most awful movie I’m watching. Delta Farce. Wow… Just… wow…