Brian's Big Ass Barware Sale

The OGGI 7248 Flask is cheaper…

Amazon for $4.69 + free shipping

And don’t try to do the whole “Only free shipping if you have prime”, as it’s free shipping w/o prime as well…

Also on Amazon for $6.99 + free shipping if you want to spend $2 more

Got one of those OGGI 7224 shakers a while back from Woot. I chucked it in the garbage not too long after, since the cap was way too difficult to fit on snugly, and ironically too hard to remove.


Nice ass, Brian :wink:

Woot woot. just an extra vote of confidence to go snatch up all the goods from soiree, while they’re at bargain basement prices…

big asses or not, but we admire animals of all shapes and sizes, especially when were drinking. :slight_smile:

now go get it!


Brian’s ass seems to have gotten a little bigger since his birthday.

Are the Soiree soho-1010 Dimple Stemless Glass dishwasher safe?