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Man, if they had a Zwilling knife set for sale, instant buy. Same with the Wusthof. I’m currently looking to replace my Henckels International knife set.

If you’re looking for a keurig style coffee brewer I would recommend Cuisinart SS-700 before anything made by keurig themselves. We have had ours for about 2 years now and no issues outside of having to clean out the calcium now and then due to our extremely hard water. If you buy them new, you get a 3 year warranty vs keurig’s one year warranty. The pump is also quieter than the keurig. Like I said, you can’t go wrong with this model.

Cuisinart DCC-2600FR Brew Central® 14-Cup Coffeemaker: Does it come with a permanent coffee filter?

I’m assuming yes, since we had the same coffeemaker up a couple weeks ago, but I’ll double check with the buyer.

UPDATE: Yes, it comes with the permanent filter.

Pretty much all the cookware that woot has been selling for the past 6 months is a BOC. I’m just trying to save you from the trouble of returning it and paying for return shipping.

I paid $50 for the Cuisinart 14 cup back in May but at $35 it’s such a deal that I may get one as the eventual backup. My home LOVES this thing!

Really hoping the Ginsu knives turn out to be amazing. If not, has Woot! recently had any better deals on better knives, so I can plan to keep the Ginsu block at our cottage instead of at home?

I’m replacing our ancient set anyway, so pretty much anything is better than what we’ve got, I suppose.

If you must have the Griddler try not to use the on off switch. It will break from use so just plug it in / unplug it instead. It’s the wrong type of switch for this application and it’s likely what was fixed during reconditioning.

It’s also a total piece of junk in general. It has no lock mechanism so storing it is a pain. Cleaning it is a pain. The plates are dishwasher save but if you stick them in the dishwasher they lose some of their non stick capability so it is best to hand wash (they work more like cast iron than teflon, no idea why). The areas around the plates are a pain to clean as well because there are just a lot of nooks and crannies. The heating is uneven. The grease drains on the plates are too narrow so if you cook anything fatty the grease is likely to miss the drip tray.

The pros: I have made some delicious meals with it and it is better to have one device instead of a griddle, sandwich maker, etc. all separate.

The breville blender looks nice but has some pretty bad reviews sadly. I would LOVE to see a Vitamix blender on here sometime. Those are amazing.

It didn’t come with a permanent coffee filter. It came with a few disposable ones. Where does that leave me?

Contact Cuisinart first to see if they’ll send you one. If that doesn’t work, please email for assistance. Include your Woot username and order number for faster service.