Bribing our Constable

Card was charged, but order cancelled - how does that work?

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Same, mine got charged as well.

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Look in the forums, there are posts from what Wooters have received.*

  • Level of disappointment will vary.
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Purchased then cancelled? Last BOC purchased was in January so no 31 day rule breaking. I live alone so no other purchase to this address. What happened?

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@HmmmUsername do I just click the magnifying glass :mag_right: and then search “BOC” or “bag of crap” and look at old posts? Or what? This is my first time ever posting to forums. :grimacing:

Seems a few people purchased a BOC then they were cancelled. Is this another form of disappointment tactics?

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Got my Bribing our Constable!! Woo-hoo!! Wootyy-woo!!

(Btw…saw that in the bday boxes going out in the “giveaway” there’s NEW 2021 Monkees?? when will they be FOR SALE?? @ThunderThighs ??? Hhhmmm???

Yes, you can search for them, look for this:

Post your June

That should list some postings.

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Me too, page never changed THEN when it did, POOF, gone

@HmmmUsername okay, imma search that. I saw someone got some sensible-ish? things… and then got an alternator. :joy::joy: :skull: im excited for this crazy bag lol.

No. It was hard to make everyone happy with a more expensive BOC so we’ve gone the giveaway route.

Oh, I took their comment to mean that they wanted to know when they could purchase the 2021 monkeys.


@ThunderThighs that’s how I took it, too. Because honestly, who doesn’t wanna buy those awesome monkeys. :speak_no_evil::hear_no_evil:

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Oh, yes but we’re going to be evil and only sell a few at a time. Because we can.


No way!!??? So, we(me) won’t be able to ADDDD to my current munkees collection!! They’re gonna be heartbroken!! :broken_heart::broken_heart::broken_heart: No “new” friends to break up the munkeee madnesses!! Hehe
AND I had already “mentioned” to them there may be new buddies being added… I’ll break it to them “gently”…:heart_eyes_cat::heart_eyes_cat::heart_eyes_cat::rofl::rofl::rofl:

Oh - wellllll… that’s the wooty_way… think that’s how I ended up with the menagerie I do have!! Will just have to keep a look out!! @ThunderThighs thx…
Maybe for your “happy hour” (that didn’t happen last week?? ) I was soooo ready to have an occasion to wear my TT’s happy hour t-shirt!! And plaster it on here (or anything I purchased!!) Hehehe c’est la vie…

It’s happening TODAY!

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I’m just here for the free puppies :joy:

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