Brick of Carbonite


Seriously this has to be one of the best BoC’s I’ve seen given out in about a year or two… Hope they’re like this from here on out :slight_smile:


20"x20"x8", 6.8 pounds


Bogie21 please respond


Did anyone get a letter this time??


Yeah…that’s what I wanna know. I just now realized we hadn’t gotten another update and came back to check; saw your post asking the same thing.

Bogie21, where are you???


Ooooooooh, I would have so much preferred to get the Woot question mark paper bag instead of the sunflower bag I did get!


See, I’d actually use the sunflower bag, whereas the Woot paper bag while cool, will only be gathering dust or taking up space in a box somewhere… or ultimately end up in a horrible paper recycling accident where it’s mistaken for it’s lesser cousins and shipped off to the great beyond. I’m up for a swap if you are - if nothing else to secure this cute little bag’s destiny!

Sorry ReginaFilangee - gotta go with first dibs :(.


I don’t have Facebook, and if I did I would not have any friends.
Someone once told me that people post pictures of themselves lying prone on different things.
They called it “planking”.
So I give to you Jackson the cat planking on the Boxes of Contentment.

We got:
2.5 Pounds
1 Rust Fruit of the Loom T-Shirt
1 Purple Sunflower Bag
1 TMI Rubber Stamp
1 Spitball Dartboard (Excuses)
1 Chuck Norris Doll
1 Metal Watch (Roman Numerals)
1 Black Leather Kindle Case

3.2 Pounds
1 Brown Jerzees XL T-Shirt
1 Purple Sunflower Bag
1 Diva Darling Facial Mitt
1 SIGG 20 Tablet Water Bottle Cleaner
1 Spitball Dartboard (Procrastination)
1 Chuck Norris Doll
2 Garmin 800-series GPS Vehicle Cradle
1 3’ Coax Cable
1 3’ A/V Cable
1 1 lb bag of rubber bands

Thanks Woot! and Colonel.


No prob…that’s why I didn’t ask. I’m sure that mossygreen will give that little bag a good home. :slight_smile:
(Plus, I didn’t really want to have to pay to mail one bag just to get the other one, LOL…but I do understand how you’d want the sunflower bag since you really like the flowers. Just be aware: it’s not canvas or anything very sturdy. It’s made out of the same stuff like those recycling shopping totes you can get at the grocery store for a dollar. The people who got the really “good” bags this time are those who got the duffels, imo.)


EPIC WIN! I loved the sign and everything!

D: Was it hard to do? I want to replace mines too!

Is it just me, or he sounds a lot like Dark Vader. XD

Thank you! Nice! I have a Super Mario figure about a foot tall and a bunch of anime related figures as well. I’d want to get myself a master chief figure too! How big is it and how does it look like? I’m gonna look through eBay now, haha.

I seriously want my room to look like Danny Choo’s room or at least have a Storm Trooper and a Master Chief helmet on my shelf. My life would be half complete. Haha.


I’d be your friend, Wootsuppp. :slight_smile:


Jackson is one very wooterific cat!!!


My 2.2 pounder came in today! Nothing spectacular but not the worst one I’ve recieved.

3xl Plain Green T-shirt
A set of Pink Earbuds
A Turkey Thermometer
Set of Binder Clips (with crap,caca,etc printed on them)
Red Leather Kindle Cover
Black Caped Woot Monkey
A Paper Woot Bag


I am up for this trade! But be warned: 1. It will be gathering dust or in a box somewhere, that is how I treasure things. 2. ReginaFilangee is correct that the sunflower bag is made out of that fake material from water bottles or something, and it’s also a little wrinkled.


Does the kindle case fit the kindle fire? lol I could trade my purple sunflower bag if you want a second one and if it fits the kindle fire


Mine had everything yours had except for the monkey, I got a cow instead!


Reporting my 3.2 lb…

1 XL Red Fruit of the Loom T-Shirt - Donation to a cousin
1 Purple Sunflower Bag - Can always use more.
1 6-Pack of Eggies (boil egg whites?) My wife prefers egg whites only so this may work, although she prefers me to scramble rather than boil.
1 Loose Pack of standard envelopes with birthday balloons (8 or so) Umm… not sure
1 PSP skins Junk.
1 metal water bottle
2 Snap Straws
1 Woot 2012 Calendar

All in all some great crap. I’ll definately put the water bottle to use so just getting that was worth it.

Thanks Woot!


Mine arrived today.

2 x Bottle Openers, 2 pack (@ $1.49 = $2.99)
1 x Terrific Turkey Thermometer ($4.50)
2 x Flu & Germ Protection Supplies ($3.98)
1 x Spitball Dartpad ($8.00)
1 x 3-in-1 Cork Screw ($1.99)
1 x Extra Virgin Olive Soap ($5,00)
1 x Unidentifiable Acer Thingy (small, looks like an antenna)
1 x Unidentifiable RCA cable
1 x Sunflower bag

I don’t think I’m going to try for another BofC again. Not that I didn’t get my $8 worth because I did (although barely), but it’s all stuff that goes straight to the trash can. Yes, I know, I bought crap so crap is what I’m going to get. But it used to be fun crap and of the last three BofCs I got, I ended up throwing everything away because I couldn’t even give it away (nobody wanted it)…

That together with the fact that the last 5 (new, not refurbished) items or so I bought from Woot were defective (Sanyo Xacti HD Camcorder, VuPoint Film & Slide Converter, Rechargeable light, Power Drill, Laser Pointers - all defective), I think this might have been my last visit to Woot.


Got my box today!

1x Purple Sunflower Bag
1x Chuck Norris Doll
1x XL Green shirt
1x Skins for PSP case
1x Expansion Remote for LightMinder system

and then the truly random…

1x Power cord for tv or desktop or something?
1x Proscan Remote control for a tv or blu ray player
and 16x Installer DVDs for M-Audio Session version: 1.6.3!

Maybe the Cord and Remote go to a new TV that is on it’s way???

I can only hope!!


I found your post to be a little surprising.
Among other things you got germ fighting supplies, soap, and even a timer to guard against the perils of eating undercooked poultry. You should feel pretty special. Woot cares about you! Personally! And wishes to preserve your life!
Really though, I figure a big part of the fun of getting a bag of crap is finding creative things to do with the inevitable crap. It’s an opportunity to exercise ingenuity. If nothing else have a yard sale and set up a free table. I got rid of a box of random cables that way and I guess I made someone happy.
But of course, sit out if you like…more crappiness for me.