Brick of Carbonite


If you only received two items and the duffel (counts as a bag) you can email and they can send you another item.


Still stuck in New Berlin, the Crap blackhole of the universe.

Pay attention around 25 seconds into it:
All Your Crap Are Belong To Us

If it takes much longer, someone will have to convert this one:
All your Base


Got my BOC two days earlier than expected.

1 black duffel bag
1 XL plain brown t-shirt
1 side sleeper pro (reminds me of the hugging pillow:
0 Texas Air

Was so hopeful of a Chuck Norris doll, but I suppose I can comfort myself in my creepy pillow.


That is too funny! I haven’t gotten my Bag of Crap yet, but I really want a Chuck Norris and a cow!


The 4 is goofy


You were shorted also: that’s one bag and only 2 craps. You’re supposed to get at least 3 plus the bag. Email Woot with a list of what you got, and they’ll send you a another piece of crap.

Btw, I’ve bought 3 pair of those side-sleeoer pillows. I LOVE THEM!!!


Chuck Norris speaks! Enjoy! I opened him up, replaced the batteries and soldered the speaker connection.



I’ve seen some expensive watches are marked llll instead of IV on purpose.


LOL! I feel certain that the Colonel would approve!


I agree!! I certainly hope The Col would approve at least!!! I think that pic deserves a QP. Trained Attack Cat Guarding The BoC !!!
~~Jinx :slight_smile:


“Trained attack cat”

oh god that’s priceless!


That is terrific!!
And where is the guide how this is accomplished?


I didn’t get any bags or any craps. Does that mean I was shorted as well?


what happened to bogie21 :frowning:


First timer here - this is my haul…

1 Hell is other people notebook
1 Leather Kindle cover
1 Trendy Budz
1 3x Green Tshirt
1 Stainless steel China watch
and (drumroll please…)

A Herrington Teddy Bears 2006 Cow Parade Super Cow!

My bag was the Woot paper bag, which bummed me out slightly as I was REALLY hoping to get one of those sunflower bags it seems everyone else is getting - sunflowers are my favorite!

Anyone wanna trade their sunflower bag for a leather kindle case or cheap watch?


I am a female-type person, but I will gladly accept your honorific in the spirit intended.

If I ever start up a newsletter, you are definitely on the mailing list. I just have to find a mimeograph machine and one of those really long staplers… maybe in the next bag…


I would trade the sunflower bag for the woot bag. But I understand if that price is too high.


1x purple flower bag
1x silver watch
1x XL green shirt
1x Chuck Norris non talking doll(but its so awesome anyway)
1x Diva Darlings facial mitt
1x Sigg water bottle tablets
1x 4pack iGo green rechargeable AA batteries
1x Kershaw Burst folding knife
1x Sog Powerlock EOD multitool

Pretty great bag this time around. Thanks Woot!


You are a genius! It was great of Chuck Norris to allow you to repair him. It was by his will, naturally.


My Balloon of Creme (23.7 in. x 12.6 in. x 12.2 in. 8.4lbs) came in the mail today

I got:
flu protection kit
purple sunflower bag
2 packs of AAA batteries
box of “Peace scented” soap (3 bars)
box of shea butter lip balm (4 packs)
over the door hanger
Tux shirt (kids size 8)
turkey timer
paper mousepad
Tetris Link board game