Brick of Carbonite


Personally, I think they are mocking my personal hygiene since it’s pretty much the same what I got in my last 2 BofCs. :slight_smile:

In all seriousness, the thing is that in yonder years a BofC always contained stuff that was either odd, semi-broken, expensive or a combination thereof. In any case, it was always worth way more than the $8 you spent. There’s a reason why the BofC is (was) so incredibly popular. Because you always felt incredibly lucky you were able to score cool things for a ridiculously low price. Nowadays, most people barely get their money worth and it looks like instead of filling the boxes with left-overs from their wharehouse, they made a trip to the dollar store.

The BofC is like senior sex. It’s still fun - just not as much fun as it used to be.


Same exact thing but different color shirt (yellow) and earbuds (purple).

Most of these things are going to my mom lol.


Goodwill or Salvation Army. I keep a box in my closet that I slowly load with stuff to donate, then once its full off it goes. Between mine and my mother BOCs we topped off the box and it’ll be making it’s way to the goodwill dropoff soon.

BOC is more for the excitement and joy of receiving and opening it, and less of the actually what you get, at least for me.


For those of you with ‘silent’ Chuck Norris stuffed action hero’s

Remember…no one can make Chuck Norris talk, when he has something to say he’ll tell you with a roundhouse kick to the ear.


I’m really happy for those of you who have their brick of carbonite already. Mine says 1 lb, 6.93x6.93x6.93 and has said “Departed from Dallas, TX” since June 1st. Any chance it could update today? I imagine it’s in Atlanta by now (the second stop before it reaches my area). :slight_smile:


For those who got a woot! bag with the question mark, message me if you want to sell it. I’ll buy it from you for a fair price.


I’m pretty sure a duffel bag counts as a big lol. But looks like you only got 2 craps.


Those side pillows are fantastic for watching tv while laying on the sofa.


There are 3 possible solutions to the disappearance of bogie21 and the mysterious “fedex letter from ‘woot’”

  1. Upon extreme excitement of actually getting an order in for a bag of crap, he mixes up tracking numbers with another incoming item from fedex, and assumes it to be from woot. Upon opening it and seeing a home loan modification denial by his or her bank (very common these days), they feel extreme embarrassment and feel that they cannot return to the bag of crap thread after giving everyone a rush.
  2. The letter was indeed a letter from woot, which read that if he reveals the contents of the letter to the thread before X date, the letter will self destruct and he will not receive his woot-super-item. Therefore, the anticipation causes the thread to surpass the almighty 100 page count.
  3. He tried to scan the letter and it did indeed self destruct.


Got home late last night and found my BOC right where my daughter had saved it for me, unopened, as requested. Waited past midnight for her to get home from her date so we could open it together. Finally gave up and went to bed. This morning she’s sleeping late and I can’t wait any longer. Here’s the haul:

2 full bags of Texas Air

1 small black duffle bag that will get used today as we head down for a day on the boat

1 kids Woot Shirt, size 8 - I don’t recall this design, but the shirt is dark gray and the picture looks like it’s based on Mexico’s Day of the Dead. I have a nephew who should love this one.

1 black leather protective case for a Galaxy Tab (now I need the Galaxy Tab, please!)

1 of the Terrific Turkey Timers that so many of you got

1 Kids Night Out Bingo game (will gift this to a friend at work with 5 year old twins, I think)

And one thing I haven’t seen posted yet, a Bell & Howell mini-digital camera with case, battery, users guide, etc. Don’t know how well it will work, but it’s about 1.5 inches wide x 1 inch tall x 0.5 inches deep and a battery was included so it could be fun.

Nice haul! And my new rescue kitty is already enjoying the box (of course)!

Thanks Woot!


[QUOTE=robey21, post:2389, topic:353933]
There are 3 possible solutions to the disappearance of bogie21 and the mysterious “fedex letter from ‘woot’”


You forgot one…

The envelope contained a very angry Chuck Norris doll.


Looks like I’m in for a 21.2 lb package tomorrow, anyone receive something with a similar weight?


Someone else got one earlier in the thread (as did I but I havent posted my load yet as Im trying to keep up on all these posts!). These were given out in quite a few of the bags from the last BOC. If you want to put in some effort to find the discussion board from that BOC then you can see some sample photos others took with it.

Spoiler alert: The quality is slightly grainy and it makes most of your pictures have a sepia type feel. Hey if it works for Instagram right? Its still cute and fits in your pocket for those moments where you dont want to risk taking a camera but just might want to save a moment.


Check out the
formatting guide


My 3.6lbs haul arrived early! Here is what the bulldogs and I were blessed with:

[]Dr Adorable love potion kids woot shirt size 6 (No clue what im going to do with this)$15.00
]Books- No electricity required kids woot shirt size 6(Whatever i figure out to do with the first one, ill probably do with this one too)$15.00
[]Bell+Howell mini digital camera w/flash(This will be great when I go tubing, always want photos but am scared to take my real camera)$15.00
]4 pack Sanyo batteries (Can never have enough of these)$3.99
[]Another 4 pack Sanyo batteries (Woot saving me a trip to the store for batteries-priceless!)$3.99
]7in Galaxy Tablet case (Ive got a Kindle Fire so this wont work for me but Im sure I can gift this to someone. Its nice)$29.99
[]Terrific Turkey Timer(This is one of those items I couldnt justify paying for but am dying to try!)$7.94
]Chocolate Strawberry Donut lipgloss makeup 2pc set (I never knew lipgloss was so expensive) $10.10
[]Gwen’s Nest Purple with Sunflowers tote bag. The only places I found this bag online was woot related from prior BO***C’s so Im estimating this at the cost I could buy a bag like this at my local grocery store. (I like it. It has sunflowers on all sides, it’s cute. I’ll use it when I remember to take it grocery shopping)$1.99

edit OMG I almost forgot two of the funnest items in my load! I saw others get these in the past and am super excited to get two of my own!
[]Outdoor Origins Bug Zapper Racquet $5.99 (Texas flies, Look out!)
]Another Outdoor Origins bug Zapper Racquet $5.99 (I’m dual wielding these suckers!)

A great haul indeed. Thanks for everything Woot! And thanks wootizens for keeping me entertained while we waited.

Im not leaving yet as I love to be a part of everyone’s excitement but I figured this was a good time to give my thanks!


12x9x9 4.6lbs BOC delivered to my office yesterday. If you gotta go to the office on a Sunday, atleast its a good reason!

1x purple sunflower shopping bag
1x Paper Mousepad
1x Flu & Germ Kit
1x S Canary with flute guy inside t-shirt
1x Fun Foot Flush
1x AAA battery 4-pack
1x Galaxy Tab cover
1x Turkey Probe

Bogie21 must have been recruited for a top secret woot mission…


My husband took on the task yesterday as I was posting. He looked up the paper clip thing, but after scouring the whole house, we realized we didn’t have one. He tried a safety pin but that didn’t work (probably wasn’t long enough). We had no use for the drive and it didn’t sound like it was in good shape anyway (it rattled with loose parts upon shaking) so we just decided to take it apart. Sadly, nothing was inside, but the rattling parts were related to the mechanism that opens and closes the drive. It wouldn’t have been able to fully open.


It seems these craps are very similar to the last craps… i like different craps.


Please remember that you’re only gauranteed at least 3 craps. The “Duffle” bags you get is considered a bag, not a crap. If you only get a duffle or a tote and 2 craps, email their customer service.

But the main thing I wanted to make this post about is that the duffles and totes are considered the bag. You will ALWAYS get some sort of bag. I have so many duffles and totes now its retarded =/


I’m back, did I miss anything