Brick of Carbonite


yay 2nd bag of crap in a row!!!


FINALLY!! got one!


Edit: Nevermind, I guess I got one. Luckily, that txt alert was fast enough.


I was trying to click I WANT ONE and the page won’t even move…


bull crap i had one in and pent to pay and it told me i had 3


WTF I got one??? Having wootalyzer on for 3 years straight finally paid off!


woohoo first BoC


I’m in! AND the servers didn’t crash! Thanks for offering the late-night ones, Woot, for us evening workers. I’m glad I stayed up once I got home!


HOLY MOTHER OF BANDAIDS, I got one right away, NO WAY! Sweeeeet! (jumping up and down and bouncing around the room like a little kid high on cotton candy)


I got my first BOC ever!!!


Woot! Got one finally


Oooh it’s not sold out!


Buh? Page refreshed… Still not sold out.


Another refresh… Why won’t it take me to the order page?


Sold out.



Thought I had one… Now I’m sad.


Got one!
2 in a row for this guy!


Thank you

on 5/22/2012, you successfully wooted.
You want 1

Bag of Crap
You ordered 3 Random Crap.


that was way to fast!


My first Bounty of Capitalism! I’m overjoyed!!


I’d shout out in glee if it wasnt 2:30 am.

I can sleep easy now. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


I had a chance to buy it and I passed. I think I am broke.


Man the past two times I’ve gotten to it extremely fast and it just keeps saying processing and times out. I was on this like white on rice. Grr.


GOSH DARNIT! I look at deals.woot for 1 minute and I donked myself.