Clever design. This was usually the hour I’d be up playing Tetris instead of sleeping when visiting my brothers/parents. So fitting to see a reminder on my computer screen.

A perfect finish to PAX Prime!

Peek a boo, I see you.

Why not leave out a word that necessary?

My completionist brain is stressed out trying to plan a comeback from that stack-

Nice one! I have always loved that original gameboy palette-

Game Over

What great timing! Over the weekend I learned about a thing called the “Tetris Printer Algorithm” which this shirt reminds me of. Apparently there was an entire academic paper written about a program that played Tetris to create images. Here’s a video of it in action (skip ahead to see it in fast motion).


I do not understand this.
This frightens me.
I must kill something.

Very clever!

A sequel to this shirt should be the NES console done in germs & pills from Dr. Mario.

Love this shirt design. Reminds me of the endless hours I spent playing this game. I even got my name into Nintendo Power for the second highest score one month. Them were the days.