Bride of Crappy


Why did i go make tea… why!!!

I finally got one. I never thought this day would come! Woo Hoo!

Wow… got me one… Last bag o crap I got was Dec 1, 2010!

I got one (and I even had to type the captcha to log in)!! My last Blue Oyster Cult was May 23, 2012.

Got one! This is #2 for me. Get it? #2?

That is what I get by being distracted by a change ticket… lol Work, who needs it?

aaaaaah i had this in my cart and i was about to buy it when i got the message credit card expired. i forgot to activate my new card

Score for Team D.H.

Been a long time.I too got 1.Happy,happy happy.Made my day WOOT.

Well that was relatively easy. Although didn’t notice I had an old address listed. I’ve emailed customer service, anyone know of a quicker resolution option?

I’m excited that I managed to snag my first boc!

Just missed. Got to work and it was gone.

Work gets in the way of BOC’s!!! so not fair

Got it!! Points for TEAM RIHANNON

10th bag since 2007. Thanks WOOT!

Nice!!! Go Team Tom!

I missed it. Again.

Would you like a tissue?

After years and years and years…Finally got one!!! What a craptastic day it is!!!