Bridge 1904 Napa Cabernet Sauvignon (4)

Bridge 1904 Cabernet Sauvignon 4-Pack, presented by Vincent Arroyo Winery
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2012 Bridge 1904 Cabernet Sauvignon, Napa Valley

OK, so I love Vincent Arroyo Petite Sirah and get them whenever I can. I’ve had a couple of their Cab and related blends as well. How does this compare and what’s the story behind this label?

Also interested in the connection; good port, good ps.
Really need to pick up what MdS has in the locker for me.


Bridge 1904 Cabernet Sauvignon 4-Pack, presented by Vincent Arroyo Winery, about $16.25 a bottle.

Grape Debater Notes:

Bottom line: This is a very agreeable wine, though it needs done more cellar time. It’s a good value for drinking in a year or two. Rated 86/87.

Tasted this with zTimothyBz and his SWMBO on day 1, along with a comparison bottle.

B1904 = 2012 Bridge 1904 Napa Cab
LM = 2014 Louis Martini Sonoma Cab

Day 1:

Improved after an hour open.
More floral or spice, SWMBO got hints of rum raisin on taste.

A hint of oak emerged a bit more over time. The LM was more approachable sooner than the B1904.

  • less purple in color than LM
  • more tannins than LM
  • rated 86/87 B1904
  • rated 88 LM
  • estimated $15 to $16 price range for B1904

Day 2

Held up reasonably well, but more tannins are evident the first hour. Same impression overall.

Overall impression:

This is not a big fruit driven wine or one with heavy oak. But it could use a bit more time in the bottle.

Front Label:

Back Label:

With comparison bottle:

Yes you do! But then again, I need to figure up the totals! :wink:

Sorry, I should have grabbed one for the comparison … if only I had entered where I have them in CT! :frowning:


I used to have that exact same trivet. Haven’t seen it for a while. It’s probably at the bottom of a drawer somewhere.

Thanks for the notes mr. spark.

So fired up to have Vincent Arroyo represented on woot!

a very strong producer in Napa.

$16.00 and change for a Napa Cab?


Same here!

I can’t say enough good things about Vincent Arroyo. They have done such a great job of focusing on making quality wine and not getting caught up in the Napa culture. Their people have always come off as down to earth and genuinely nice while pouring world class wine. It’s been a long time since I have had the good fortune to visit wine country, but last time I was at Vincent Arroyo I tasted wine in their barn right next to J.J., their big black lab.

I bought a six pack of 2007 Bridge 1904 Petite Sirah many years ago at about the same price point and enjoyed it mightily. I still have three of them resting as PS is typically a great candidate for aging.
This seems like the kind of deal that is right in WineDavid’s wheel house - A great producer’s second label in a great vintage with lots of surplus juice.


I’m glad Sparky and Tim didn’t think this was a fruit bomb. That is essentially what I need to be swayed, although I would still love to hear from the folks at V.A. about the intended style and differences with their regular label.

I blew my budget on Harvest Moon…but I can help with a bottle or two from somebody else in SoCal.

I also really enjoy VA. We were first told about the winery at least 10 years ago. Love the PS and hope to see that on Woot. Took my in-laws to the wine country on their 50th several years back. Took them to VA and none other than Vincent himself took my father in-law back to the barrel room and they sampled various varietals and vintages. He still talks about that. What a great group of people.


I blame loweeel for introducing me to VA after my first Dark & Delicious. VA was having their barrel tasting the next day, and I’ve had a Standing Order since!

Always great to visit them in Calistoga.

VA is definitely a great add.

Pleeeeeeze, don’t ship on a Friday!

Agreed about Vince’s Petite Sirah so good!
Vincent Arroyo’s wines have always been sold direct to consumer. The 2nd label was created for restaurant and wine shop distribution. Same quality fruit coming off of Vince’s property in Calistoga. Great wine at an excellent value.