Bridge over Carolina

Bridge over Carolina

Got it!
Patience > Going upstairs to get a diet Pepsi.

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Show off the stuff you bought

Bridge over Carolina


Sold on Clearance


all done

Woo hoo! Got one. Now, I won’t accidentally on purpose miss my dental appointment while trying to… oh, wait. That’s not good. Geez, such disappointment already.

VOP…then log back in…and I still got one. It’s a Festivus miracle!

Damn what am I gonna do all day at work meow that I got a bag.

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Got one! Can’t wait to see what size XXXL Tall and women’s XS college sports apparel I get. Maybe I’ll even get some type of accessories for an iPhone 7!!!

Maybe next time

Sold out at checkout, Stupid resign in


They can still cancel it

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Stuck in the VOP.

As the great poet, Thomas Richard Petty once said, “The waaaaiiiittttingg is the hardest part.”

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And in just a few days, you too can have


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Whoop! Go me!!! :smiley:

4 pound placeholder, no official delivery date yet.

Hey there! Remember to post what you get in the main thread where we all gather to discuss your disappointment!

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