Bridges, The Wall Decal Kind

Bah, where’s the new Oakland Bay Bridge? Much nicer than the old Western SF span, and nowhere near as cliche as the Golden Gate.

No love for Portland Oregon???

Woot would’ve received more of my monies!

No love for the Hernando-Desoto bridge either? I believe still the largest man made letter in the world.

Just a quick question, are these sent rolled up or flat?

Thanks China!

Thank you.
The new bay bridge is hideous. And knowing that it was made in China, and is already falling apart, (SHOCKING!) makes it even uglier.

Question: Description says completely re-position-able and damage free. Are they talking only when you first hang it and or within reasonable distance to transfer? Or could I, for example: hang it now in my current place, and when I move in 6 months take it down, transport it, and easily be able to hang it in my next apartment? It says peel and stick so I had healthy skepticism.

Yes, these are shipped rolled. They are printed on a fabric surface and will lay flat when applied.

Yes, these can be removed and re-applied at a later time.

These are sent in a roll, but will lay flat when they arrive.

Quick question: Spec says 36"W x 18"H, so this would mean if I turned a picture 90 degrees and put two of them side-by-side they should be the same as the length of one. (18+18=36) The pictures shown here are no where near this proportion. Are the specs correct? Quick look shows I can put 3 side-by-side and have extra! Looks more like 60" x 18".

Seeing this offer at first glance, I thought Woot had a bridge to sell me…

We might, but I wouldn’t try and cross it.

Where is the Mackinac???