Briggs & Stratton Murray Pressure Washer 020490

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Briggs & Stratton Murray Pressure Washer 020490
Price: $499.99
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Condition: Refurbished


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UL 1776 is the industry safety standard for pressure washers. It covers more than 100 items on a machine. Google it.

This unit is not certified to this safety standard.

There are no specs, what are the g/ph, and psi?

This unit appears to be the same as the Husqvarna 020490 being sold at Lowes, currently for less than this sale. The photos of the unit are even the same. Save yourself $50 and buy a brand new one in the store instead of a refurb online for more money.

3100-PSI 2.8-GPM
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Love how they left off the most vital specs, pressure and flow. No psi or gpms seriously? I work for a pressure washer company so I’m embarrassed for woot to be honest.

This is not a deal. I bought the same pressure washer from Lowe’s for $450.00 (

The pressure washer is made by Husqvarna. If you look real close you can see someone Photoshopped the Husqvarna logo from the photos on Woot. You can see the “a” in “Husqvarna” in the last photo (close-up of fuel tank).

Buy it from Lowe’s, it’ll be brand new (not refurbished like the one on Woot) it comes with a 2 year warranty (Woot comes with just 90 days) and if it doesn’t work when you bring it home, or if you feel buyer’s remorse, at least you can return it (good luck getting Woot to take this back).

In response to our comments it looks like woot has dropped the price by $100. I’m not really in the market for a heavy duty version like this, but if I was I think I would still spring the extra $50 and buy it new with a 2 year warranty from a brick and mortar.

Woot deals just suck these days!

True Dat True DAT!!!

seems like ever since Amazon got involved Woot has gone done the toilet … Even with their customer service… I tried to return an item that was dead on arrival and they gave me a tremendous headache…

I agree with you trifecta, $50 savings is hardly a deal. You can go to Ebay, buy a 10% of Lowe’s coupon to knock of $50, or use a military/veteran discount to knock of 10%. Even my Lowe’s credit card will save me 5% or I could 0% finance the machine for 12 months.

The removal of the logo is deceptive. I bought a flashlight at Sharper Image that had the Bushnell logo erased. When the item arrive, I Googled the item and Amazon sold the exact same flashlight for almost half price.

Based on the sales specs I’m guessing 3 people have bought the pressure washer as of 10am EST. Hopefully they go the washer at $399.99…

Specs are updated with that info now!

This is out and out deception/fraud on Woot’s part. You have lost what little trust I had left in your company. You have lost one customer for life.