Briggs & Stratton Speed Clean Gas Pressure Washer

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Briggs & Stratton Speed Clean Gas Pressure Washer
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Remember, safety first!

Couple of Good Reviews

Honda on the bonnet with a Briggs motor??

No - the Features tab says it’s a Honda GCV160 Engine. Odd to have a Honda engine in a Briggs & Stratton branded device.

Would it seem curious to you if the next crop of new Chevrolet’s are delivered with Ford engines?

Not a horrible “basic” pressure washer at this price. Usually that engine is never found on units under $300. Often, the GCV Honda is paired with a pump and features that bring it up into the $359-$399 range. So in some ways the basic pairing is a little unusual. I’d say that it is a better deal than most here. Note, I did not say this is the best pressure washer ever! Perhaps an ‘above average’ homeowner unit?

As for the Honda engine on the B & S pressure washer? Not at all unusual as B & S power products (a separate division of B & S) makes all sorts of pressure washers, generators, etc… that carry a variety of different brands. SO quite often that unit you are looking at is NOT made by the company whose name plate/paint color/brand is all over it. But rather made under license for them. While B & S power products would rather put only B & S engines on things, in the real world consumers have preferences, and (fill-in-the blank) company will not refuse business over such an issue. The Brand owner gets a piece of the pie for loaning their name out as inevitably, someone will say, "Oh,this is a__ (fill-in-the-blank) brand with a _______ (engine type). This must be a good ___________ (fill-in-the-item)"

Welcome to Capitalism! Oh, and find some pump anti-freeze if you live anywhere north of Georgia. Finding out in April that your garage DOES get below freezing necessitates getting a new PW. And it wouldn’t hurt at all if you would drain the gas out of such things as well. Storing gas in Outdoor Power Equipment is an invitation to buying a new carburetor.

The other possibility (more likely as I see it) is that this unit is designed and made in china and was purchase by a third party representing Briggs and Stratton. The unit we see here is sporting the B&S brand name and has a different paint job. In other words, a Chinese factory built this item under private lable.

I’d doubt the overseas manufacturing of the entire pressure washer. The GC series of Honda OHC engines are manufactured in North Carolina. Their GX series (Commercial grade–World’s best small engine) however, is made overseas.

Their ARE a lot of Honda GX clones coming out of China. Demand for them is consumer based and pushed hard by pricing issues. They are NOT a Honda but have many similar exterior features. This was bound to happen eventually but was pushed forward by Tecumseh going out of business.

Now the pump has a strong possibility of overseas sources. My best guess is they are assembled in the American Southwest or perhaps in Mexico.

No getting around the fact that the successful manufacturers are world-wide.