Bright Living LED Garage Ceiling Lights

Bright Living LED Garage Ceiling Lights

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If you screw these into a typical garage light socket the “wings” of these lights cannot be raised up anywhere near 90 degrees because the garage ceiling blocks them from tilting up more than an inch or two. Look at the 5th picture showing the light socket and one of these lights with the “wings” folded upward and you can see the wings would need to fold down to a more level position or you wouldn’t be able to screw the light into the socket. Also, some reviewers said when the lights were on their electric garage door openers wouldn’t function.


They work fine on any standard bulb outlet…

The issue here is the price…29.99 for same with 7.00 coupon on Amazon…

This pricing here is poorly researched…As usual…

I have a few similar to these in my garage, they are great lights. they are close to the ceiling though and they do get very HOT. Which is why they are designed the way they are, for proper heat dissipation. Amazon sells socket extensions in 1in. up to 8 in. I believe, and they are very reasonably priced. However, mine are not this brand, but I have been having a ton of issues with my garage door opening and closing lately??? Interesting

They do get very HOT… I have been having a ton of issues with my garage door opening and closing lately???

Well, duh. The garage gets hot, so it opens the door to cool off. What exactly is the mystery here?


29.99 for same with 7.00 coupon on Amazon…

What link or item number? I see a bunch of similar items but nothing when searching on BRIGHTLIVING.

Similar but not identical.
2-Pack Garage Lights 60W LED Garage Lighting - 6000LM 6500K LED Three-Leaf Garage Ceiling Light Fixtures, LED Shop Light with Adjustable Multi-Position Panels, LED Glow Light for Garage, Workshop

Here is something a little different that come with the extenders.

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I found these very easy to install and they provide excellent light for my shop!

this listing says they are “daylight” which I’ve bought by mistake before and returned because I do not like the way it looks compared to soft white. maybe in a garage setting it’s better but just a word of caution.

In the past month I’ve bought two 2-packs of the ones in the link from rayluebbert and one 2-pk from the B&H that Woot had a couple of months ago. All work great though the light is bright white and not anything like a soft white you might get from a incandescent bulb. I haven’t noticed a temperature issue and don’t have them in a garage to determine if they impact door openers or not.

While I can’t speak to these lights, LED bulbs interfering with garage door openers is a common problem, which is why specialized bulbs like these exist. I have these in my two openers.

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@ JimFett: Thanks… I actually like those better. Not only do they come with the socket extender, but it has LED’s in the non-moveable center section as well as on the “wings”, so if you angle the wings to project more light to the sides, you’ll still have light shining straight down too. They also claim to provide 2000 more lumens of light output that these. …for the same price. No-brainer.

I kind of assume that all of these come out of the same factory in China and have different labels slapped on them. Assuming that’s approximately the case, I bought a few from the mothership last year, removed the plain builder-provided light fixtures in the garage with a bulb socket and screwed in these lights and I love them. As others have pointed out, the “wings” can’t fold up to 90 degrees in such installations, but even 45 degrees helped illuminate a lot of previously-dark spaces in the garage.

We have an old-school garage opener which turns off the light when the light has gotten hot enough, so we can’t replace the incandescent bulb with anything else – CF, LED, these… :frowning: And I’ve read a lot of stories about new openers requiring very specific LED bulbs, so it seems like expecting these to work well in the opener light sockets would be a roll of the dice.

Two pack with extenders for $24. LED Garage Light 2 Pack E26 60W Deformable LED Garage Ceiling Lights 6000LM Daylight Lamps with 4 Adjustable Panels, Deformable LED Shop Lights for Garage, Warehouse, Workshop, Basement, Barn Lighting - -

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I bought ONE of these for $24 on Amazon quite a number of months ago. It is shockingly bright. Mine is in the basement. I have no trouble folding them up to about 45 degrees. Really don’t need a sharper angle. They don’t generale heat in the slightest.
Makes my basement look like a different place because it’s now so bright.

You beat me to it. I have noticed the same issue with “Lights of America” lights and Phillips. I currently use SANSI lights. I just upgraded my 100watt to 250’s. Have a 3 car garage and only 2 ceiling light sockets. They blast the place with plenty of light and they have not interfered with my opener (Chamberlin) .

You can find them here. Pricy but worth it IMO. I have 3 100watt versions outside the garage doors. They been there for about 2 years. Still bright as ever and they come on at dusk, off at dawn. Got my lights from woot fwiw.

These are kinda hit and miss. Got one a few years ago and it is working great, a different one I got a few months ago died on me.

As others said, you can get a better deal on mothership especially with some lighting deals.

The most common part of an LED bulb to fail isn’t the LEDs. It is the power supply. These bulbs use one power supply and when it dies, all the LEDs are useless. I’d rather get three regular LED bulbs and a three way adapter. That way, when one bulb fails, it can be replaced and the other two can keep working.

i bought 1 bright living garage light about a month ago, it is a great light crazy bright, i am getting a two pack for my garage, used the one i bought in the furnace room now. i paid 29 for 1 light at the store, this is a good deal. no issues with it hot