Brine/Estero Youth Athletic Shorts, 5pk

Hey Woot! I know these are random colors, but the more black variations the better for my 9 year old daughter!! You don’t want to see her get kicked off of her soccer team, do you?
In for 1!

What’s the difference between youth athletic shorts and shorts for girls? Writing “juicy” on the backside?

wow almost 80% off, that’s a deal and a half. I’m having a bit of trouble comparing prices so I guess I’ll just have to take woot’s word on this one.

Also, Can the XL’s double as uncomfortably short men’s tennis shorts?

No pockets, no deal.

Things in pockets + sports = injury. Just saying.

these look like umbros

How do I measure for size?

“it’s so white, it’s so impossibly white”


Looks like this is all that we were given:

Sizes Available: XXS (3/4), XS (5/6), S (7/8), M (9/10), L (11/12) and XL (13/14)

Oh, if only I was still a youth…I’m always on the lookout for cheap shorts to work out in.

Gimme something similar in adult sizes and I’d be in for three, woot.

the child’s extra large is significantly smaller than a men’s small, so adult men can’t get away with these, but very slim adult women might.

Did this come from the website? My 10 year old grand-daughter wears about an 18. Shes a little chunky but not bad but I still call her a youth.

If they’re true to standard measurements, I found this chart:

Great deal, I went for 3!

NO. Just NO.

For this price it’s worth the risk. She just might slim down when puberty begin…or ends.

That’s what’s posted on our features which means that we got it from the manufacturer/vendor in some way.

I bought them for 2 daughters on the slim/petite side. They’re sizes 2 and 4 in misses with room. Size 4 is much taller so they might be short, she has longgggggggg legs. Size 2 has Long legs for her height but she can only wear petites otherwise 3 inches come off slacks, jeans, shorts and skirts. The tall guys love her lol.

I’m in for one pack. These look great for my 5 yr old daughter to use as swim shorts. I got some mesh athletic shorts this year and they all got major use at the beach, river and lake. It’s hard to find good swimming shorts for girls, and boys board shorts are really long and heavy when wet. Sometimes when you are swimming not in a pool you just want your butt covered.