Bring Back Pluto

No Uranus jokes please!

Pluto is gone! Just accept it!

I mean, there are bigger “planetoids” than Pluto but you don’t hear people complaining about them not being planets… or do you?

Also, check out this discussion about Pluto by the greatest minds in US – comedians! NOVA | Stephen Colbert, Jon Stewart, Brian Williams, & Diane Sawyer | If Pluto is Not a Planet - YouTube

I want this right now. Why should those elementary school kids making solar system models get off easy by not making Pluto?

Don’t show this shirt to Neil DeGrasse Tyson!

But there’ll always be Uranus.

I don’t think a dwarf planet deserves such big text.

I came here to say the same exact thing. You said it better than I ever could so here is a picture.

small planet syndrome

I’m so glad you kept that classy.


Made me laugh, but I think there’s a chance the sunlight with the combination of the letters may distort Pluto too much.

was this intentionally an Aesop Rock reference?

Whenever I think about Pluto no longer being considered a planet, I think of this picture:


Protest for Pluto! i nominate Pluto for Time’s planet of the year in 2012

This shirt is a bunch of uninformed nonsense. I am from Illinois (a land that has state specific legislation deeming pluto a planet) and let me say one thing Pluto sucks it went away for a reason.

Bring back Pluto indeed. Back in my days, we had NINE planets.

On another note, get off my lawn!

What about Goofy? How come no one ever speaks up for Goofy?

awwww hell yeah!

100% yes! I even submitted it with the title “And then there were eight”. Also, for the record, my name is Tony, I’m pretty cool but not always so smart.

This would make a GREAT poster!