Bring back the old app

Please bring back the old app. Why fix something that wasn’t broken. The old app was easy to navigate and it made me want to buy deals. Now I feel like I have to learn to navigate a new app that needs instructions. It doesn’t make me feel like buying anything the way I used to. This new app feels like a retail website. If I want that, i’d buy things on Amazon or Wal-Mart. You should improve the old app; not wipe it out and start something new.

Oh, the old app was very broken. VERY broken.

Appreciate your feedback though. There’s a “App Feedback” option in the app under “More…”. Feel free to leave feedback there. They’re monitoring it closely.

moving this to info desk

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I understand that you want the new app to be appreciated and believe the old app was broken, but I have to say its the new app that’s broken because when i click on an item or picture in the categories, it just spins and spins on my phone, never getting me to the product. I cannot view the product or items while it is spinning, so I end up having to click the back button on my phone. When I try looking at a list of items in the categories, only the top few items show their pictures while other items at the bottom randomly show pictures. The new app is surely broken as the old app never behaved this way. Thank you for offering your feedback before.

Thank you for the feedback. I haven’t heard of this problem. Could you try uninstalling the app and installing it again?

If that doesn’t resolve the issue, please give feedback via App Feedback in the …More area in the app footer. That feedback is closely monitored to identify and resolve issues.