Bring back Woot letter crap!!

I have been using woot for about a year and half. I have yet to win a coveted BOC. However, tonight I discovered what woot letters were. Let me please tell you that they are AWESOME.


Thank you @LindaGibson99 !!

Apparently, a vast majority of people who received these crappy letters, chose not to share/post for the rest of us to appreciate/envy.

That said, I hereby declare that we should start a petition to bring these crappy offerings back to the table, with a few rules in place. This way there’s some level of accountability to ensure we don’t go down the same rabbit hole.

If you are fortunate enough to win one of these disappointing mounds of crap, you must:

Assistance needed! I’m not exactly sure what can legally be enforced or what penalties can be imposed. Feel free to help/edit/collaborate! Or just comment “woot woot”, or actually anything you’d like in support of this petition.

Side note: I have absolutely no clue if this will even be a successful campaign. Woot has in no way, shape, or form verified that this is a possibility. I am only trying to bring back something crappy that I have not had the disappointment of being a part of.

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They actually sent letters not that long ago. I think maybe all but one person did post what they received. I would have to go back and look.

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It is my understanding that previous letter recipients are disqualified from getting another. My letter prize was a single large item. I sure would like to get a large box (or pallet) full of a bunch of different things.



Many people shared.

It was a minority of the overall total which did not share.


My letter-crap was a large Roster & a big box of cool crap.
Also a visit from Woot.
I have always posted every BOC I snag from here.

I agree that they should return to ‘letter-craps’, even if just a few every year.


You remember the luggage tags and phone rests too?

My first BOC got me a letter, I am pretty damned lucky/proud of that.
The dozen “personal massagers” went over big and the office Christmas party


Phone cases, MJ bobble heads, Agents of Shield/Blackish odd season dvds, personal massagers, tiny animals, bouncy balls, weird books, tiny ducks, semi used vacuums, “no battery shake flash lights”, USBs on tabs, and so on. Yup.

Maybe it’s just the early Thursday suspicions, but the tone of the first post rubbed my bristles the wrong way.

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Oh yeah those phone cases. They were fun for about a minute.

Letters are cool, but the disposal fee of you get the whammy pallet isn’t worth it.

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It seems as though, since the letters have gone, the standard BOC’s have been bigger and better. The old BOC’s were beyond crappy. Now, I get less hell from the wife on the BOC purchase… less, not none