Bring back Zilla


I miss Zilla…don’t you?


Yeah… where’s that one been?.. with Yankee out of the mix… we definitely need some of the old timers to make an appearance every now and again… it boosts morale for the youngens when they see the alums come back and support the cause… or somethin’… i learned that in my sorority days… fo sheezy.


I understand they banned his IP.

I love Zilla.

Bring him back!!!


It’s way too quiet over here without Zilla. Ok, he occasionally pushed things, but at least he kept things interesting.


Woot, you need to think like a Nun. They always gave the smart kids and the kids with behavior problems a job to keep them busy.
Make Zilla a mod. That would keep him busy and he wouldn’t have time to get in trouble!
Nuns got him into trouble, nuns can get him out of trouble!


I’m sure Zilla would manage to find the time to get in some trouble from time to time. lol


Eh, in some way I bet he’s glad to be banned. Getting away from Woot isn’t necessarily a bad thing for, oh, having a life.


That’s true, I am an addict. Have things to do and don’t feel like getting up and finishing. They say you replace one addiction for another…wonder what I should take up instead. hmmm


Smoking’s pretty easy… Actually, Geocaching is really battling my Woot addiction.


No way will I take up smoking. Have to look into Geocaching and see what is in my area.


Pick up a GPS, I’m sure you can afford a decent one. It’s great exercise and addictive fun, plus it gets you off the couch and into nature. Type in your zip code at and see what comes up. Start out with some easy ones and pretty soon you’ll want to up the challenge.

They are everywhere. Even if it’s not in the middle of the woods, there are quick roadside caches, urban caches… anything you can imagine.


Can I use the GPS that is in my car a Lowrance I-Way or is the geocaching gps different? Ok, I’ll look into it when I’m back home. Thanks


You at least need a GPS that will allow you to insert latitude-longitude coordinates to create a waypoint, and will let you carry it into the field and track your proximity to that waypoint.




Linky to a good GPS unit?
I wanna try it!!


Well, the Garmin GPSMap 60CSx is the hot item right now, but it’s not cheap ($360). Most geocachers are either buying or want to buy it, but I’m not even at the point where I want to invest in it. I have the Garmin eTrex Vista CX which works perfectly fine, but I think it is more apt to lose signal under heavy tree cover. They’re releasing a new version of the eTrex models soon, so I’d probably wait or search on Amazon for something cheap.

Here’s a good forum to look in. Honestly, I don’t know a lot about models other than my own.

EDIT: With a little research, I saw the Garmin eTrex Legend and Magellan 210 recommended as basic units for beginners.


they announced starcraft 2 finally.

edit: zilla was one of the guys that made it exciting to be on here back when i joined up. I am still looking for a random b.o.c here.


Bump for Zilla!


Me wants Zilla back!!!


Yes, he has many admirers…