Bring on Crusty

I’m not sure if they’ve sold out of the $50 limited editions yet, but the George Takei BOCs were just the regular $10 ones.


Well, OK. That’s my 15th Baggie on Woot!'s 15th birthday!
I anticipate massive disappointment but you never know…

Should have used my phone, it refreshes faster than the website on my computer… phone shows 16% left of whamo, computer shows 30+ damn

Thank you

I got one! Had to go through the VOP, but I persisted and scored!

What is the VOP?

VOP: Vestibule of Patience. If you’ve never witnessed being there, then you’re lucky. Or haven’t gone after many BoCs.

Has that page ever resulted in an order?

Yes, that’s how I got my order.

how long did you wait?

It wasn’t long, just a minute or two. It felt like forever.

So I accidentally scored one! Logged in just to update my card info. Didn’t remember about the celebration. Clicked on the clearance tab and saw an item just sold out. Hit refresh and Bam, there it was! Jumped on it and immediately got sent to the VOP. Waited for a couple minutes and there appears the gold button! OMG! NO WAY!!! This makes number 11 for me! Happy happy birthday Woot!!!

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This is my eighth bag of crap, since joining in 2006. And, yes, they have all been useless crap. Yet, I keep coming back for more.

Congrats on your pending DISAPPOINTMENT!

Join us in the main thread for all the fun and to post your Bag o’ Crap.


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After much breathless anticipation, my BoC finally arrived, it was amazing. I have been able to figure out what about 90% of this crap is, and there were actually a few useful items.
Reminds me of a garbage strike we had a few years ago, where people would wrap up their trash and place it in their unlocked car, waiting for it to get stolen.
Thanks Woot

Go share your disappointment in the main thread. Click on the big pic above.