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Can someone from Woot definitively verify the warranty on the Cuisinart DLC-2009BK?

It looks from the Amazon reviews that some of the models shipped were technically refurbished and only had a 90-day warranty. Has it been verified with Cuisinart that Woot’s stock has the original 3/10-year parts/motor warranty?


We have verified that ours are new with the warranty as stated. We do not share inventory with Amazon despite what people thing. LOL.

I bought one of the Capresso coffee makers back in June. The hot plate stopped working 2 days ago. Now to see how good their warranty service is.

Thanks for double-checking!! Definitely in for one. \o/

About these pepper mills. Don’t bother. I got the walnut one last time, it’s real nice lookin,’ but the output is weak at best. 1 teaspoon a minute, if you crank that long.

I later got the one that ATK lists as one of the best, ugliest pepper mills around. They were right on both accounts. Ugly and works GREAT!

If you want to find it, I suggest you use Google.


@ Steve: Initially I had the same issue with the Walnut Pepper Mill. However, after a couple of emails with William Bounds Customer Service, I realized the error was PEBPAC (problem existed between peppermill and chair).

Here’s what was sent to me:
> > > >
Our grind adjustment is the exact opposite of most other mills that you have used… it’s Clockwise for COARSE and Counterclockwise for FINE… if you look at the bottom of the mill when you tighten the knob on top the rotor should travel up into the mill as you tighten… this will make for a coarser grind and more volume of pepper… if this doesn’t happen you can definitely return the mill to us for repair/replacement but I’m hoping it’s this easy fix for you. Thank you!
< < < <

I will admit that their repair/replacement service is lacking (I pay to send it to them + $12.00 for their shipping cost to send back); however, once I took her advice, it’s worked fantastic.


Dear Woot,

the William Bounds Pepper Mill models available for purchase (the models in the drop down list) don’t match the models listed in the Features descriptions.

You can order one of four (4) models: 6", 7.5", 10.5" and 12"

But there’s five (5) models listed in the “Features” tab: 6", 8.25", 10.75", 12.5" and 13".

Can you please fix that? Thx!

Good catch! I’ll pass that on for fixing.

“Supplier of aerospace and defense products. Munitions, smart weapons, propulsion and composite structures”?

ATK. America’s Test Kitchen.


Wicked, I was very able to adjust the fineness (or, lack thereof) of the pepper that I milled. Unfortunately the output, was ANEMIC at best. The one I linked to (or, didn’t really, Google is your friend) outputs 10 to 20 times more, on each crank.

Alas, the other one I mentioned, has a drawback. If you want flour-fine pepper, you’re not gonna get it here. (That being said, I’ve NEVER wanted flour-fine pepper.)


It has almost 500 5-star ratings at Amazon. That’s a lot!

Finally managed to get one of the food processors before they sold out! Heck yeah!!
My roommate and I have been trying to catch one for months!