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Does anyone know how fast the Waring Wine Chiller would chill a bottle of wine AND is there any reason it would not work if you wanted to throw a beer in there and chill it up fast?

It does not chill up real fast, much better at maintaing the “correct” temperature of wine over course of a few hours. I like it for wine but do not think it would get a beer cold enough fo rmy taste. Think lowest temp is 41 degrees and that is a struggle.

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Makes sense. Very good then, carry on. Pip pip, cheery-o.


Someone gave the wife and I a Waring Wine Chiller for a wedding gift. It is very loud, and does not bring the temperature down any where near as fast as sticking it in the fridge or a bucket of ice. It would be good if you are concerned about your wine being too cold for the variety, but I think the noise would make me go for ice in a wine bucket.

Yep- as stated above, that’s really not the purpose of it. There certainly are rapid wine chillers, though this is not one of them.

I do use it to take a white out of the fridge and keep it at a slightly warmer temp for the whites that you don’t want to drink ice cold. Also works great at dropping a red to cellar temp and keeping it there.

It sure is loud though

41 degrees? That is a little too cold for the beer.

Does anyone have experience with either of the “Concept Housewares FR-90800 20"x11"x36” Wine Rack" options?

I’m guessing the dimensions listed on the site are in the wrong order and it’s actually 36" High by 20" wide by 11" deep in the configuration shown in the photo?

Does it ask for/require any wall anchoring like some book cases do?

And how are the feet/base? They look like only vertical metal rods from the photos.

Mostly want hanging storage for my wine glasses, the rest would be bonus. (Need the cupboard space, but anchor friendly wall space is limited.)

Well, I got this answer:

Correct Dimensions are H 36" x W 20" x L 11"

Still waiting on the rest.

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Thank You :slight_smile:

I had 2 glasses arrive broken. Anybody else?

Drat. Sorry about that. Email so they can help you.

I had 2 out of 4 of the Spiegeloau Stemmed Pilsner glasses arrive broken. Woot Customer Service sent another and one was broken in that package. I figure I paid for 4 and got five a little delayed with some cleaning up to do, we’re even.

The problem is that the glasses are individually packed for Retail, not shipping. There’s no protection inside the retail box. Glassware that is sold for shipping is always individually wrapped with some sort of protection. When Woot puts the retail box into a brown box and it gets thrown around the way fedex and usps will, bad things happen.

And my package only had to go 3.4 miles.