Bring Your Drink Into Our Oggi Halls

Which bar tool do you find most essential?

I was about to complain that the stainless steel martini ‘glasses’ would warm up your drink, but then I remembered that you should freeze them beforehand.

I am going to a bartender camp in 2 weeks; a 5 day adventure in late summer camp in Kentucky. It promises to be awesome.

I totally do not need stainless steel martini glasses, for proper camp-like roughing it in the wild. I mean, I totally want them; because they crack me up. the only thing that would make it better would be a big STANLEY logo on them to match my Woot! Off camp water bottle.

Was going to buy the liquor dispenser for my apartment, then read some reviews on Amazon that led me to believe it’s not worth it.

I just noticed that the steel martini glasses are $13 and qualify for super shipping over at Amazon.

So I guess not.

Wouldn’t the steel give off an unwanted flavor to a martini?

Stainless steel is good for many things; cocktail glasses is not one of them. Mmmmmmm warm martinis.

Wow—a rare Woot! double fail.

I’m going to try putting the martini goblets into the freezer and then pour a martini into the frozen goblet.

Amazon’s say they are 8 ounce and the Woot ones are listed as 12 ounce. Could be a mistake in one of the listings.

The Amazon reviews are pretty bad though - apparently not as durable as one would hope stainless steel glasses would be.

I could use one of those liquor dispensers. Whenever my daughter hits me, I can run to the kitchen and have a shot. LOL