Brinkmann 3 Watt Luxeon LED Aluminum Flashlight

Must not have sold out on Woot last time.

I like mine, even though there’s no focus for the beam.

amazon review:

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Brinkmann 3 Watt Luxeon LED Aluminum Flashlight [New] - $8.99 + $5 shipping shipping

1 * Brinkmann 809-2082-0 3 Watt Luxeon LED Aluminum Flashlight

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here’s the product website

Brinkmann will always be inferior to mag lite. I just saw 3 cell LED mag lights at home depot on sale for $9.99. That is a WAY better deal than this POS.

Woot has really sucked lately…

I’d rather have a MagLite LED… focusable, parts more available, and decently shock resistant, along with the features this seems to have. Dunno about brightness, but I know that the ability to focus the beam is more important to me than having it a little bit more bright.

I thought these were a reasonable deal at $9.99 when they appeared on “regular” Woot–but you had to buy 3 for the numbers to make sense. Maglites are better made, but these are reasonably durable and powerful. At $8.99, I would have bought 3 if I didn’t already have plenty to tide me over.

You are wrong. This is not a POS. It’s a great flashlight at a great price. I bought one recently on Woot and love it. Just the freaking replacement 3 watt LED bulb for the Mag is $19 at Frys.

Woot, you rock…just like the Longhorns!!!

got this last time.

frankly - its better than my mag LED in every way except the lack of focus. it feels just as solid, batteries last longer, and is significantly (not just “a little more” brighter.

maglite is the monster cable of flashlights… typically over priced, and overhyped… although that 9.99 for a 3 cell LED at home depot is a good deal… was that a black friday sale? I was in home depot yesterday and they were 29.99

What kind of batteries dose it use? AA? AAA? Some weird freakishly small button battery?

Edit: After further review, I will now open mouth, Insert foot.
Thank you and have a D Day.

Really, so you would rather pay 8.99 for a TWO cell light that is CONSTANTLY rated INFERIOR to mag lite when you can get a THREE CELL Mag for a buck more with no shipping cost?
Be my guest.

I got this one on Woot last month. it is very bright. I’m thinking of getting some more as gifts.

2 D batts.

Hey genius, those Maglites at HomeDepot are for AA and AAA…not D Cell.

Rock on Woot!!

Hook’em Horns!

I got one of these last time and it’s no brighter than a 1W light. The spot is a bit larger though. It’s cheaply made and I don’t recommend it.

Tell me sir, how often do you fall for hype?

I haven’t seen them for 9.99 - they are 29.99 as of yesterday at home depot. (apples to apples - 2-3 D Cell LED lights)

also - do you actually own one of these? I own both this one and a maglite, and i can assure you its not inferior. It does lack focus, but the residual bleed light around the focus area is STILL brighter than a wide beam-focused maglite… so there is no sum loss.

Or are you the type of person who reads internet ratings and then speaks with authority on them without firsthand knowledge?

Lowe’s had the 3 D cell 3W Maglite on sale Black Friday for $15.00!

Perhaps this is a silly question but there are some 5W and 6W generic LED lights for $9 shipped on ebay, I assume the quality would not be as good but would these be twice as bright? Most listings I saw suspiciously lacked a lumen rating.