Brinkmann 3 Watt Luxeon LED Aluminum Flashlight

I can see in the dark with this… It really works!

i think i will keep to my 6-cell maglite thank you

Keep 'em coming !

Good deal, good product

Bought 2 of these a while back on woot and both work beautifully…

are these better than the maglites??

I have like 6 or 7 flashlights right now, and all of them need new batteries…I don’t think I need this… What I need is a trip to Wal-Mart for lots of batteries…

It’s all fun and games until you burn your retina with a Brinkmann 3 Watt Luxeon LED Aluminum Flashlight…

I can use this to find my reconstructed gorilla head.

I have 4 of these now. Love them.

Or you could just buy another, to help move Kids.woot along…

Official flashlight of the LAPD.

No way, but they are good. just not comparable to mag. This is a 30-40 dollar flashlight!

So it beats people down pretty well?

These are tough, but the spot is small and not adjustable. Ok for fixing a flat, but not hiking or seeing anything at a distance.

Dearest Woot,

Even though its still my BD here in SoCal land, I am will to win the BANDO’CAMELIAS Wednesday, or even Thursday, which ever is best for you!