Brinno HDR Time Lapse Video Camera

So what does its wifi connectivity allow it to do?

I don’t suppose this is usable as an IP camera, is it?

Unclear from the manual, which is here:

Hey there, Wi Fi is used for the following:

  • Connecting to your smartphone or tablet so you can program the timer, set intervals, quality settings, and other elements.
  • Review the results of your time lapse and set up the shot through the live monitor.
  • Instantly share images without having to save them to your computer first

Also, this can be used as an IP camera if you wanted to.

Can you explain a bit more please? Used as an IP camera viewed how? What is possible?

My need involves seeing live images WITHOUT using an app or browser plugin. I need a http stream.

Vendor changed his mind:

He says it may be possible, but if you need an IP cam to live stream specifically it might be better to purchase another camera instead of trying to repurpose this one.